Yoga Teacher Training: How to Choose a Yoga Teaching Program

yoga teacher trainingWhen it comes to fitness instructors, trainers, or exercise teachers, some are better than others, and the good ones are usually the ones who have had great training.  So you want to become a yoga teacher; great idea!  To get started on with teaching yoga, you will need to look into different yoga teacher training programs to be able to understand and teach all of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects that make up yoga.

Yoga is quickly becoming very popular in all parts of the world, and that only means that the need for yoga teachers will continue to steadily increase as time goes on.  Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for selecting the right yoga teacher training program for you, as well as the steps you need to take to become a great yoga teacher.

How to Select a Yoga Teacher Training Program

Tip 1:  Find your yoga style

There are various different styles of yoga, and there are probably some that you like more than others.  Unless you actually have the time and money to do more than one, you are going to want to pick the yoga style that your mind and body both feel the best about.  This will be the style that speaks to you and that you can use your background and experiences to use it to help speak to others.  Remember that the type of yoga you choose will be the foundation of your teaching, so you will want to pick a training program that focuses on that type of yoga.

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Tip 2:  Get to know your trainer

When you choose a yoga teacher training course, you will have your own trainer or teacher who is leading the training as well.  It can be helpful to get to know them, their technique, and their style before you dive in.  There are plenty of ways that you can learn about your trainer: social media, DVDs, or live streaming classes.  Make sure that their style and presentation is one that will fit your needs as a future yoga teacher.

Tip 3:  Know the teaching format

Decide which kind of training format is going to work best for you.  If you feel you work better with individual attention, then you will not want to enroll in a training course with tons of other students.  Before you commit to a yoga teacher training program, talk to other students who have taken the course, read online reviews, or visit the yoga teacher’s website or office for more information.  This will help you better individualize your plan for training.

Tip 4:  Practice

Yoga teacher training sessions are generally very strict and require a lot of physical and mention attention and presence.  To prepare for this, get into the habit of practicing yoga everyday and multiple times a day.  You will need to prepare your mind and body for more extensive practices that you will do at training.  This can also be a helpful way to develop the discipline you will need as a yoga teacher.

Tip 5:  Absorb

After you complete your yoga teacher training, you are going to want to give your mind and body time to absorb all the information and material that you were presented with.  Keep in mind that it may take awhile to transition back into a normal schedule.  Give yourself time and space to absorb all the aspects of what you learned so that you can apply it to your own yoga teaching.

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How to Become a Yoga Teacher

  1. Chose your Yoga Style:  As we mentioned before, there are various types of yoga that you can get into: Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Kripal, and many other.  Try out different classes to see which type you would be most comfortable with teaching.
  2. Decide where you want to teach:  You can choose to teach at a gym, a group fitness program, a community college, or even open your own practice.
  3. Go through training:  You will have to complete proper yoga teacher training before you can teach a class.  This usually requires about 200 hours of hands-on yoga training.  However, confirm with the place that you want to teach at, as different studios have different requirements.
  4. Find a job:  To get your foot in the door, you might want to actually take classes at places you want to teach.  This will help you get a feel for the environment that you are interested in and what they expect.  Bring your resume and yoga certification and share your yoga experience with the other teachers and staff.

Tips for Effective Yoga Teaching

  • howtobecomeayogainstructorObserve other yoga teachers.  Even if you think you had the best training out there, it is helpful to learn from the more experienced group of teachers.  You can gain some knowledge by enrolling in classes at different studios to pick up techniques to incorporate into your own teachings.
  • Be versatile:  Even though you teach a certain type of yoga, do not be afraid to change up the routine or style of your class to keep things interesting.  This will help keep your students involved and engaged in your class.
  • Be positive:  No one likes to take direction from someone who is negative.  Always maintain a positive and motivating attitude in your classroom, and this will encourage students to keep coming back for more.  It will also make everyone in the class feel empowered and good about themselves.
  • Feedback:  Great teachers are always improving, so do not be shy about asking your students for feedback about your class.  This can help you grow and progress as a yoga teacher.

Begin Your Training

Committing to a yoga teacher training course can be an exciting step for you towards a career that you will love and one that you have an intense passion for.  Make sure that yoga teaching is something that you want to pursue, and have clear direction and goals in mind for your journey.  To get started with yoga teacher training, enroll in this course to learn how to teach yoga professionally.