Yoga for Hair Growth: 7 Exercises to Keep Your Flowing Mane

Yoga for Hair GrowthIf you’re suffering from hair loss due to issues that may include ageing, sickness or medication, stress, hormonal imbalances, diet, genetics, or any other reason, you may want to consider yoga as a way to combat you follicular woes. Yoga is a natural and calming alternative to any pills, creams or any other options considered in this stressful time. Yoga also has the added benefit of not only possibly helping curb any hair loss, but it also benefits the body and soul, so at the very least, you’re starting a new healthy practice that will benefit you in other ways down the line.

If you think yoga might be a good option for you, we’ll show you some poses to try that might just help you out. For those of you that may be new to the yoga world, we have a few things for you to look at that might just get you ready to go. First, this course on yoga for beginners will teach you the basic concepts of this ancient practice, and this article on beginner yoga poses will apply your knowledge to actual poses.

If you’ve noticed your hair thinning, and would like to put the brakes on this process, these poses might be able to help you out by increasing circulation in the head and scalp, as well as relaxing any stress and tension associated with hair loss. The following exercises cover not only yoga poses, but also a few breathing exercises, as well. We’ll explain how to do these poses, in addition to illustrating what exactly is happening with the body that will help with hair growth. If you’re perplexed by yoga poses, and would like to learn more, this course on yoga poses decoded will make them less scary.

Downward Dog

This is perhaps the most basic of all yoga poses, and is one of the first things you learn when taking a beginner yoga class. To do Downward Dog, first lie on your stomach on your yoga mat, with your legs straight, and toes to the ground, with your heels pointing to the ceiling. Next, with your palms flat on the ground, next to your ears, push your hips up, while keeping your legs straight, looking like an upside-down “V”. Straighten the spine, and let the head hang between your arms.

Benefits: Downward Dog increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the head and face, while simultaneously stimulating the nerves of the scalp.

Forward Bend

Also known as “Touching Your Toes” to the uninitiated, this pose is almost as simple as Downward Dog. Begin by standing straight up, with your legs touching. Next, inhale and stretch your hands to the ceiling, then, exhale, and slowly bend forward until you are touching your toes with your fingers. Try to grab your heels and hold the pose for a few seconds, but the beginners out there may need to limber up first. As you exit the pose, make it a smooth, fluid motion, inhaling as you slowly stand back up straight.

Benefits: Besides stretching your hamstrings and abdomen, the Forward Bend results in your head being below the heart, which helps increase circulation in the head, as well as relaxing you, helping any stress that may be associated with the hair loss.

Rabbit Pose

This pose starts with your knees on the mat, your hips on your heels, and the tops of your feet flat on the mat. Next, place your hands on the back of your heals and hold. After that, slowly place the crown of your head on the mat, and, inhaling slowly, lift your hips up, and hold for five breaths. Finally, slowly unroll yourself as you exhale, and repeat.

Benefits Like the last two poses, the Rabbit Pose improves circulation and blood flow to the head, hopefully stimulating hair growth in the process.

Camel Pose

With your knees on the floor, make a right angle with your thighs and calves, like you’re praying. Bend your spine back, while trying to grab your heals with your hands. Once you have ahold of your heals, stretch you face up, and try to look at the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly return to the original position.

Benefits In addition to working out the core, the Camel Pose increases blood circulation to the head and the heart.

Shoulder Stand

This move may be a bit tough for total novices, but if you’ve been following along with these poses, you probably have what it takes. This pose starts out by lying on your back, legs touching. Slowly raise your legs straight in the air, and if you need to, bend at the knees, then slowly straighten them out. As you raise your legs, support your lower back and hips with your hands, while resting your weight on your shoulders. Finally, lock your chin to your chest, remember to breathe, and hold this pose for as long as your are comfortable. Beginners may need a friend to help out, and those with neck or spinal issues may want to refrain from the should stand altogether.

Benefits The Shoulder Stand not only gets all the blood flowing to your head, but it also helps the thyroid gland, which may be a cause of thinning hair in some people.

Diamond Pose

This simple pose, as well as the proceeding poses, are more breathing exercises, which may have as much benefit on hair loss as the previous ones, as they helps with the stress and anxiety that both accompany and cause hair loss. While sitting with your spine erect, fold your legs under your thighs, with your heals under your buttocks. With your hands lying on your thighs, palms upward, close your eyes, relax, and breathe comfortably. If you want to learn more about breathing for stress, this course on meditation will show you a few techniques to reduce your stress.

Benefits This tension-relieving exercise relaxes both the body and the mind, hopefully curbing hair loss as a result.

Skull Brightener (Shining Forehead) Breath

Besides sounding like a heavy metal band, this pose/breathing combo is the easiest and most convenient of all the poses. Here, the focus is on the breath, and not the actual pose, so much, and can be done practically anywhere, even in a chair. While sitting in a pose of your choice, with your spine erect, and your palms on your knees, focus on a point at the end of your nose, then gently inhale through your nostrils. While doing this, clench your lower abdominal muscles. When it’s time to exhale, force the air out of your nostril with your diaphragm. Repeat as necessary.

Benefits This exercise brings oxygen to the body and the scalp, and also helps strengthen the core at the same time.

If these poses have ignited passion for yoga in you, and you’d like to take it to the next level, this course on transformational yoga training has 40 hours worth of yoga training for you.

If you’ve decided to tackle your hair loss in a more natural way, hopefully these yoga poses and breathing exercises are able to help out. At the very least, you’re helping your body and mind, and maybe even lowering your stress levels, adding a few years to your life in the process, so don’t be intimidated by the world of yoga and meditation. To delve deeper into these worlds, check out this course on yoga and meditation for everyone