Yoga During Pregnancy is Healthy and Really Beneficial

yoga during pregnancyYoga is one of the most beneficial workout routines, irrespective of your age, weight or even physical condition. Yoga is really beneficial during pregnancy to help you stay fit and relaxed. Yoga can also help you to prepare for labor and support your baby’s health. But not all types of Yoga are suitable for pregnant women. The Pregnancy Yoga: From Week 12 to Week 40 course will teach you all about your baby’s development. It will show you various warm-up exercises you can do that were designed specifically for pregnancy. It also contains sun salutation routines that have been tailored to your expanding body. It will teach you the yoga breathing techniques that will help you relax.

Yoga is one of the exercise routines specifically recommended by medical practitioners and you can practice yoga regardless of what trimester you are in. The most important thing to remember is that you consult your doctor before choosing a routine and that you inform your instructor that you are pregnant or select a yoga course specifically designed for pregnant women.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Course for your Pregnancy

As mentioned above, there are many different types of yoga and certain forms are not recommended for pregnant women. Hatha yoga, and other gentler types of yoga, are beneficial but before you select a course:

·         Speak to your medical practitioner or gynecologist

·         Start slowly

·         Keep cool and stay well hydrated

·         Don’t push yourself during the class

There are also certain yoga poses that should be avoided while you are pregnant. Avoid lying on your back or belly. Avoid poses that require you to position your legs above the heart or head. Don’t be ashamed to rely on props as your pregnancy progresses. Chairs or tables make great props for maintaining balance. If you have any doubts about a pose, ask the instructor or ask your medical practitioner before you proceed. Finally, if you experience any pain or spotting, stop immediately and seek advice before you continue. Yoga for Pregnant Women: Five Tips and Positions for the Expecting Mother offers advice on which poses are considered safe and contains some tips for practicing yoga whilst pregnant.

The Enviable Pregnancy  course offers you information about the special pregnancy related nutritional needs. The course also has various yoga sessions that you can slot into your day. You can use the ten minute, twenty five minute or forty minute yoga session to help you stay healthy and to help you get strong during your pregnancy.

Yoga Can Help You Prevent Preterm Labor

A report published by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada suggests that yoga during pregnancy can decrease your risk of preterm labor. Preterm births account for over 75% of all newborn deaths so it is really important for the baby’s health, growth and development to carry a baby to full term.

Yoga helps you to reduce stress, it teaches you how to relax properly, it keeps you fit and in shape and teaches you how to breathe properly. All of these factors affect whether your baby will be premature or not.

The Prenatal Yoga: Strengthening and Opening course will help you to practice yoga that will build strength and flexibility. It promotes better posture and breathing. It also teaches you valuable relaxation techniques that will help you combat stress.

Yoga Can Help to Relieve the Symptoms of Pregnancy

Lower back pain, sciatica, nausea and headaches are all common symptoms of pregnancy. The gentle stretching, toning, strength building nature of yoga has been known to help combat or relieve these symptoms. Stretching the spine and ensuring you stay in shape helps to lessen the discomfort you may experience during pregnancy.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain: 5 Poses That Will Alleviate Pain will show you five poses specifically known to help relieve back pain. It is important to note however that this article was not written for pregnant women, so you should check with your instructor before performing these poses.

Your center of gravity also changes during pregnancy. One of the fundamental principles of yoga is to establish balance and create a secure center of gravity so yoga can help you to adjust your balance and center of gravity as your pregnancy progresses.

The Prenatal Yoga – Basic Class from Udemy will teach you the basic principles and fundamentals of yoga. The course shows you some of the poses that you can use during your pregnancy. The course will help you strengthen your legs and upper body, improve your flexibility, help with sciatica and help to relieve lower back pain. Yoga will also help you to relax and strengthen your immune system.

Yoga can Help You to Prepare for Labor

Labor requires a lot of endurance and muscle strength. Good breathing techniques are known to help during labor. The breathing techniques taught in yoga are extremely beneficial for promoting health and wellbeing during the pregnancy as well as teaching you techniques you can use during labor. Yoga, although gentle in nature, helps to increase endurance and muscle tone which will also be extremely valuable during the labor process.

The Yoga for Labor: Birth Partner, Postures & Breathing course is specifically designed to prepare you for this process. It will show you how you can use yoga to manage your labor pain and it will teach you how to mentally prepare yourself for labor.

Relax, Breathe and Stay In Shape

Regular exercise is essential for a healthy balanced life and is especially important while you are pregnant. But yoga doesn’t stop once your baby is born. In fact yoga is great exercise for the wholel family from baby to granny.

The Postnatal Yoga – Basic Class will help you recover after the birth process. It will help to pull your organs back together, strengthen your deep abdominal muscles, tighten your hips and gently get you back in touch with the perineum. And when the children are big enough, then the Getting Started in Kids Yoga – with Jaime from Cosmic Kids course will teach your children yoga as well.