Yes! 81% discount for the course Social Marketing for Startups! is promoting an 81% -yes, that’s right, an 81%! -discount for the course Social Marketing for Startups. Led by The Dan Martell of Flowtown, this course is a must for any startup entrepreneur.  Getting your new company heard in the Internet noise is extremely difficult, this course has the tools for you to succeed.  We’re really excited and want to share more about what the course offers to students.

First off, if you don’t know Dan Martell, you should.  He’s the co-founder of Flowtown.  Flowtown focuses on “helping marketers deliver real ROI.”  They also produce one of the best blogs out there on social media.  If you want to learn about how social media works, it’s a must follow.  Just as important, as an entrepreneur himself, Martell’s been in the trenches and knows first hand the challenges of starting a new business and spreading your message.

But he’s not the only one.  This course includes Stew Langille (CEO and Co-Founder of Visually), Jeff Widman (Facebook insights consultant), Laura Lippay (Integrated Search and social media consultant) and Jonathan Strauss (CEO / President at Smarter Marketing Group).  These instructors will take you in-depth to show you how to create content that your audience engages with; how to leverage your audience in order to increase your reach; how to improve your search rankings with social media to drive traffic; and, teach you the ins and outs of how to quantify and measure your impact so you can optimize your limited resources.

What does this mean?  For instance, you might be asking yourself: should my company have a blog?  If so, how much time should we spend on it?  Or, what’s the best way to drive traffic through my facebook posts when I don’t have time; and, what are the best terms to use?  These instructors answer those questions for you with specifics, not generalities.  In addition to all the knowledge, one of the best aspects of this course is the personal nature of it.  The instructors use real world examples to illustrate what they’re talking about -it’s not just theory, it’s real world examples of do’s and don’ts for startups.

Generally, these instructors charge lots of money for their time.  But Udemy got them to all come together and share with our students insights in one structured class.  And thanks to, the current 81% discount has made this course even more of a no-brainer.

For those of you unaware of, this is a fantastic organization after our own hearts at Udemy.  TeachStreet “is a dynamic online community that brings motivated learners and talented teachers together. On one hand, this is a place where people who love to learn can find classes that are just right for them. On the other, we offer a public forum that helps teachers, coaches, and other experts share what they know. In the process, TeachStreet helps these experts grow their businesses with simple online tools they can use to promote their classes, workshops and special events. So they can then focus on what they do best—teach.”

At Udemy, our goal is to provide our teachers with everything they could possibly need to create a great learning experience over the Internet.   This is exactly the type of course, instructors and education we love to provide.