World of Feng Shui: Apply Energy and Chi in Your Room!

world of feng shuiEver walk into a home, a studio, an office, or bedroom and be swept over by a wonderful sense of peace, ease, and feelings of comfort?  Sure, it might be the work of a great interior decorator, the smell of homemade muffins coming from the kitchen, or just some really good lighting.  However, maybe, just maybe — it could be the work of Feng Shui.

We all want balance in our lives, we all strive for the proper flow of things, and we all want to be recipients of positive energy.  Sometimes it might seem hard to achieve this without making some major changes in our lives.  But, if we are looking to try something that incorporates an understanding of the natural world around us and its components, why not look to the world of Feng Shui for some guidance?  Some people are put off by the idea of Feng Shui because they assume it has something to do with “Chinese witch craft” or “weird Chinese spirits”.  Luckily, for all of us, it has to do with nothing of this sort.  Join us as we give you a peak into the world of Feng Shui, and offer you a few tips on how you can easily incorporate Feng Shui into any area of your life.

The Basic Elements of Feng Shui

If you are just starting off with Feng Shui, a good place to start is in your home or bedroom.  This is a good area because you already know what you have to work with, you have free reign over your space, and you can get a beginner’s feeling for all of the benefits that Feng Shui has to offer.

  1. Clutter:  Pretend you are on the set of an episode of Hoarders, except this time, you are the star!  With Feng Shui, one of the first steps you will need to take is to de-clutter your space!  You cannot possibly want everything that you have in your house.  As such, slowly go through your house and get rid of the things that you do not need, you no longer have a use for, or that you simply do not love as much anymore.  We know this step can be hard.  To make it easier, consider donating your belongings to charity or hand them off to a friend who you know might enjoy them.
  2. Light and Air:  In a place with good Feng Shui energy, there is proper light and air.  These two qualities fall under the elements of “Chi”.  Creating good light in your space will make it seem more awake and vibrant, and proper air flow will enable good circulation and breathing.  You can achieve this by simply remembering to open up your windows and keeping your blinds drawn to use as much natural light if you can.  In the evening, consider full-spectrum lights to conserve energy.  If you want to stay as eco-friendly as possible, considering buying a few plants for inside your home to promote good air quality!
  3. Bagua:  At first, bagua might seem a little confusing, but it really depends a lot on you and how you view your space.  There are nine components of bagua, which are: wealth and prosperity, health and family, wisdom and self-cultivation, fame and reputation, center, career, love and marriage, creativity and children, and helpful people and travel.  These nine areas make up a grid that you apply to feng shui your home.  Determine which areas of your home apply to certain parts of the grind, and you will be able to connect those areas of your home to the areas of your life for proper balance.
  4. Five Elements of Feng Shui:  You are going to want to incorporate the five basic elements of feng shui into your home.  This will work on creating balance and helping you focus on the areas of your life that you might want to improve or work on.  We will go into the five elements more later, but here they are: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.  All of these elements will work together to balance the “Qi” in your home.
  5. Birth Element:  Based on the year and month of your birth, you can determine your feng shui birth element.  Everyone has different types of energy, and knowing your birth element can help you focus on the specific energy that will help you thrive in your own space.  You will find that the elements are connected.  For example, if your element is Fire, you will need Wood to feed that fire.  In feng shui, there is a purpose for everything.
  6. Kua Number and Lucky Direction:  In feng shui, everyone will find that they have a lucky direction.  Based on that direction, you will want to position things in your house so that you are properly energized.  Your lucky number will help you to also determine which direction you should face, whether it is: southeast, east, north, or south.
  7. Mindfulness:  A lot of people go day in and day out without paying attention to their placement of objects in their house.  We do not blame them; life can get busy!  However, the world of feng shui encourages you to pay attention of placements so that you will feel connected to your home and the objects in it.  This will enable you to have a space that encourages you to be the best healthy and happy you that you can be!

How to Add Feng Shui to a Room!

Now, let’s do an exercise!  Let’s attempt to apply feng shui a room in your house.  Get your thinking cap on and let’s get started.

Plan: With a notebook handy, sketch how you envision your room to look like.  Do this while incorporating the Bagua grid.  Make sure that you align the bottom of the map with your front door for proper balance.

Goal area:  Once you have figured out your goal, find an item that represents your goal and place the item in your goal area, as based on the Bague grid.  For your reference, let’s take a look at where the different positions are:

  • Lower-left: knowledge
  • Lover-middle: career
  • Lower-right: travel and helpful people
  • Middle-left: family and health
  • Center: self
  • Middle-right: child
  • Upper-left: wealth
  • Upper-right: reputation and fame
  • Upper-right: relationships and marriage

Five Elements:  Remember the five basic elements of feng shui that are ideal to incorporating into your room?  Now, take the time to assess your room based on those elements and where you want most of your energy to be.

  • Water:  Water goes at the bottom-center.  However, it is known to bring worry to a bedroom, so try to keep it out of your sleeping space.
  • Earth:  Earth is placed in the center of the room.  Try to place some flowers or plants here, and make sure that they are real and not plastic.
  • Fire:  Fire is at the top-center for career and fame.  Here, try to place candles or objects that are red or triangular.
  • Wood:  Wood represents family in the left center of a room.  Shelves or bureaus will go good in this area.
  • Metal:  Metal is for children and creativity.  Circular designs or iron can help to circulate the energy of creativity in an area.

Mix and Match:  Keep in mind that certain elements that you may want to display in your home have counterparts that help ignite and fuel them.  However, there are other elements that work against one another.  Make sure that you mix and match the elements in your space accordingly.  Here is a little guideline:

  • Fire burns wood.
  • Wood absorbs water.
  • Water erodes metal.
  • Metal destroys Earth.
  • Earth dampers fire.

On the other hand, here are the elements that work in-line with one another:

  • Water helps wood grow.
  • Wood helps flames burn.
  • Fire helps earth renew.
  • Earth creates metal.
  • Metal gives life to water.

Also keep in mind that each element will possess its own color and shape.  You can also use certain colors and shapes to enhance the space in your house or while designing your room area.

What Not To Do!

Because there are so many components to feng shui in creating a room or space with good chi and energy, there are bound to be things that hinder it.  Here are a few things for you to remember to avoid:

  • Do not push your bed up against the wall.  This might seem comfortable, but it does not allow energy to circulate.
  • Keep your entrances and hallways of your home bright and clear to keep even smaller and tighter spaces looking vibrant and energizing.
  • Keep the television out of the bedroom (sorry!)
  • Do not fix everything immediately.  If your plumbing goes bad, remember that it is a result of the energy around you.  Work on your energy first before you work on the plumbing.
  • Do not have mirrors facing one another.  Either way, this is a little creepy.
  • Keep dead plants out of your garden and home, and make sure that your garden is weeded regularly.

Get In Your Element!

There you have it!  You can now be well on your way to a life full of energy and positive Chi with these helpful tips from the world of feng shui!  Time to boil some green tea and bask and soak all of the good Chi in your room!