Work Skills That Will Get You Ahead In Business

work skillsThere are a lot of qualities that will get you far in your personal life, your romantic life or your artistic life, etc. that don’t necessarily translate to work. Old adages like “Nice guys always finish last,” while not necessarily true, demonstrate the idea that the workplace requires certain skills in order to succeed that don’t necessarily coincide to general life skills. For instance, you might be a great party host but not so good at vocalizing your opinion during a meeting. On the flipside, you might be fantastic at negotiating financial deals, but terrible at planning family vacations! For a general sense of skills that are valued in the workplace, consider taking an online course on effective leadership skills!

In the business world, it’s important to understand what the most valuable work skills are and how to hone and sharpen them. Here is a list of some of the most valuable work skills that will help get you hired and make you successful at work.

Emotional Intelligence

Whether you work for yourself or in a big corporation, having a high level of emotional intelligence is a key component of being successful in business. Not only will people like and respect you, but you will be able to read situations well and to accurately gauge prospective partners and employees in order to save yourself the time and money of working with the wrong kinds of people. Emotional intelligence really boils down to being able to assess how you and others feel about a certain situation. If you have qualms about doing business with someone because they seem dishonest, but you ignore your gut and give them the benefit of the doubt, this could be going against your emotional intelligence. Learn to look for certain cues and red flags that signal emotions in yourself or others that you can learn from. Learn about some of the other foundations of business strategy with this online course.


Some people might say that if you are not an effective communicator, you have no chance of being successful in business. Communication is at the root of every deal, negotiation, plan and interaction and having the people skills and the ability to verbalize what is on your mind and what you are thinking about a situation is crucial to earning the respect and attention of your colleagues and clients. Even if you run your own company, you still have to work with customers and business partners so sharpen up your listening and speaking skills to make sure people enjoy working with you and feel listened to and understood. For a little extra help polishing your speaking and communication skills, give this course on speaking up at work a try!

Tracking productivity

In times of economic instability, it’s important to do as much as you can to feel confident and comfortable in your job. Nothing provides more job stability than having tangible proof of what you do for your company and how you are continuing to progress and increase your productivity. Learn to keep track of your projects and what, if any, impact they are having on the success of the company as a whole. If you’ve cut back on spending, hired great employees, run a successful marketing campaign – back it up with numbers! Even if your job is super secure, you can still be proud of your success and impress your colleagues with your accomplishments. For more help with setting goals and tracking your progress, try this goal setting course!

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