Wire Jewelry Making: 7 Quick and Easy Wire-Wrapping Tutorials

wire jewelry makingThrough the years, jewelry has remained a unique and original manner for individuals to express themselves, making a statement about personal beliefs or simply emphasizing the individual’s likes. However, these fashion statements can be quite pricey depending on where you look for them. An impressive alternative to this expenditure of money is creating your own jewelry instead. Wire wrapping is a specific jewelry making technique that involves either covering pendants with intricate wire designs or crafting those designs with the wire alone. In the sections below, we will discuss several tutorials for how you can create your own wire masterpieces.

In addition to these pieces becoming part of your wardrobe, you can also market them in stores or online shops if you work hard to master the art of wire wrapping. To learn more about selling these creations, check out this course on how to market jewelry at craft shows for fun and profit and this post on how to sell on Etsy.

Egyptian Coil

As well as being an excellent representation of a piece of jewelry made with wire, the Egyptian Coil is also extremely simplistic to construct. Begin with a single strip of wire, six or sever inches in length, then use a pair of pliers to add a small loop to both ends. Continue the loop until it forms into a coil; loop around twice on either side, then again use the pliers to bend the wire in half. Once you’ve done this, bend the wire in half once more and repeat the process, looping the second final product through the first. Continue to do this until you’ve reached your desired length.

Garden Gate Clasp

In order to construct a Garden Gate Clasp, which functions as a fashionable bracelet, you’ll need two pieces of sterling silver wire, four and a half inches in length, two pieces of copper wire, round and chain nose pliers, flush wire cutters, chasing hammer, and bench block. Begin by bending each sterling silver wire around a marker to create a circle in the middle of each. Bend on in half so that the circle transforms into a crescent shape. Then, using the round nose pliers, bend the outer edges of each wire inward to create a minute spiral; use the bench block to hammer down each wire so they are as flat as possible. After you’ve done this, use the small copper wires to secure the middle of the spirals to the circle (for the folded wire, attach the middle of the spirals to the center of the crescent). Then, loop the circle wire through the crescent wire and you’ve created a beautiful fashion statement.

Copper Heart Necklace

The Copper Heart, one of the most simplistic of wire creations, can be assembled for your significant other or simply as a fine looking piece of jewelry for yourself. As in the previously mentioned examples, you will need a pair of pliers, one copper wire, five inches in length, one thin copper wire, four inches in length, and one more piece of copper wire, an inch in length. Begin by bending the five inch wire almost in half, leaving two and a fourth inches on one side and three and a fourth inches on the other. Use a marker to round the two ends, then use pliers to form a loop on both ends. Bend the two loops together so that they form a heart with one side slightly more raised than the other. Flatten the heart with a bench block and then use the thin copper wire to connect the loops to each other, wrapping the wire around three or four times before pulling the wire to secure it. Finally, use the one-inch wire to secure the pendant to your necklace, looping it through the raised part of the heart.

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Wire Wrap Woven Pendant

In order to create a wire wrap woven pendant, you will need a collection of easily found items including masking tape, chain straighteners, bent nose pliers or chain nose wire cutters, round nose pliers, flat circular gem, and one strip of 18 and one strip of 24 gauge wire. To begin, wrap the 18-gauge wire around the outside of the gem, cutting the wire so that it is long enough to leave two inches of extra wire on either end. Repeat this step twice so that you have three of the same shaped wires. Lay the three wires, shaped to the gem, atop each other and use your masking tape to secure them to each other where the two wires meet. Once this is completed, tape the pendant to the second wire and begin weaving the smaller wire around the larger outer edges surrounding the pendant. Continue weaving until the outer edge of the entire pendant is covered, securing the gem in place. Take a quick moment to double check your work, and then enjoy the newest item to add to your jewelry collection!

Wire Wrap Geode Necklace

Geode necklaces are beautiful works of art, but can be extraordinarily expensive when bought in stores. An easy money-saving alternative is to create your own with a collection of easy to find items. To create one, you’ll need a geode, purchasable at a planetarium for just a few dollars, thin jewelry wire, a small jewelry hook and either a chain or cord, depending on which you prefer to loop around your neck. Be sure to choose a geode with a defined edge all the way around, such as a circular or ovular one. Begin by gently wrapping the jewelry wire around the geode, securing it in place by pulling the wire tight. Continue wrapping until you’ve surrounded the stone with fifteen to twenty layers, and then snip the excess wire with a pair of pliers. Attach the circular hook to the layers of wire and string the chain or chord through the hole. Once you’ve finished this last step, your work is complete!

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Crochet with Wire and Beads 

In order to construct a crocheted piece of wire jewelry with beads, you’ll need a compilation of items, including one spool of twenty-eight gauge wire, various beads of different colors, twenty if you’re creating a choker and twice that for a bracelet, a metal crochet hook, wire cutters, and pliers. Begin by stringing the beads onto the wire in whichever order you’d like them to appear in the finished product. While completing this step, be sure to leave the wire attached to the spool, making sure to keep the smaller beads closest to the spool. Once you’ve arranged the beads, create a loop at the end and bend it in half to create a knot, tightening it just enough that it can be easily undone if need be. Using the section of wire closest to the spool, wrap the wire over the hook and pull it through the knot, repeating the process with each created knot, adding the beads as you go. Once you’ve looped all the beads through the knots, clip any loose ends and leave approximately three inches of wire on each end to function as the clip. Tie these strands together and your work of art is finished.

Daisy Drop Earrings

There are few things more stylish than a pair of floral earrings in the spring and this beautiful hand crafted pair is sure to bring about dozens of compliments. In order to create this flowery accent, you’ll need a hook, two earring fixtures, and a spool of twenty-eight gauge wire. Begin by placing the wire around the hook, winding the ends together several times. Then, create two chain links branching off from the hook, leaving a millimeter of space in the middle of the chain. Once you’ve created a few chain links, begin to wind them together around one particular link, preferably in the center, until you’ve formed a floral pattern. Continue to loop around the petals until you’ve created a finished product. Do the same for the second earring and then clip any excess wire before attaching the décor to an earring hook.

Wire wrapping is a productive and interesting hobby shared by millions of people intent on expressing their creativity through a decorative outlet. Through the tutorials above and online courses, like this one on professional pearl and bead stringing, you too can share in this hobby and bring to life designs that were never before thought possible!