Top 3 Reasons You Should Learn to Code Now


U3W2SHOLWQAny website developer can rattle off the many benefits of learning how to code properly. They could tell you how building a website from scratch gives you a wealth of in-depth understanding and power that you just won’t get otherwise. From the beginning to more advanced stages, learning to code doesn’t just equip you with strong resume skills, but also how to think and solve problems.

Taking the time to learn proper coding comes with these key benefits:

  1. More control.

Whether you want more control over your job options, or over your time, coding will get you there. The ability to code will not only allow your productivity to soar to new heights, but you will also be much more self reliant. Whether you need to pull up important information through SQL, or develop your own website, you have the tools needed to take your own success.

  1. An impressive resume boost.

The ability to code is so in-demand, that countless doors are open to people with these skills. Recruiters actively message professionals with hot skills like “Python” and “Web Development”, and with the high urgency for these roles, comes a heightened earning potential. Best of all, you won’t be limited by the other titles on your resume, because these skills can shine on their own.

  1. A new way of thinking.

Coding isn’t just about the ability to write a good query. The process of coding in itself will allow you to improve your problem solving skills, as you learn to navigate this new world. You will be creating something from scratch, allowing an improvement in abstract thinking and creativity. You will work your brain in a new way, with this new challenge, and be all the better for it.

How to start:

For anyone interested in learning to code, Udemy is offering a limited-time discount of 20% off on two online courses to get you started. You can start with their “Complete Python Bootcamp” and learn one of the most sought after and valuable coding languages. Or you can take a deeper dive and enroll in “The Web Developer Course Bootcamp”, which will teach you web development from the ground up.