According to a recent interview from E-Learning Magazine with Josh Bersin, founder of Bersin by Deloitte, the opportunity for L&D, HR, and IT professionals to drive learning is at an all-time high due to the unprecedented speed of technological advances. Here at Udemy for Business, we’ve built tools to empower learning professionals to drive effective learning programs throughout their organization. We believe the key to building successful and engaging L&D programs starts with early visibility into how employees are adopting learning within your company.

How to get ahead of engagement dropoffs

The Udemy for Business Adoption Dashboard gives learning admins actionable insights at different stages of the adoption funnel. From the minute someone purchases Udemy for Business licenses, they’ll be able to track which employees have accepted their invitations, enrolled in their first course, and even watched their first lecture. These actions are important to track because they are indicators of how engaged your employees are, and whether you need to take additional steps to motivate them to start learning. If you notice that only a small percentage of invitations sent have been accepted, this is a great opportunity to show how access to 2500+ fresh, high-quality courses can boost their professional growth and career development.

We make it easy for you to increase learner adoption within the product when learning engagement drops off. From running a more detailed report for further analysis to sending a quick reminder email to employees to enroll in or watch a course, our Adoption Dashboard offers the necessary tools for learning professionals to take action at the right time.

Driving meaningful learning

Understanding the overall company adoption funnel is only the first step to ensure learning engagement happens at your organization. Take a step further and look at adoption metrics for specific groups within your company. Getting managers or those most familiar with employee goals involved in the learner experience can make a big impact—which is why we recently released the Group Admin role.

Group Admins can track and measure the learning performance of their team to provide a more personalized approach to driving learning adoption. They can encourage learning behavior during team meetings, 1:1s, and performance reviews with individuals. Group Admins can explain why enrolling in certain courses is important for the individual team member’s professional development—making learning much more relevant and personalized. For example, if a team member would like to become a manager in the next year, Group Admins can recommend specific management courses to take.

By sharing the responsibility of learning with Group Admins, you can increase the awareness and adoption of your learning programs. Because Group Admins understand the needs of their team members on a deeper level, they are empowered to encourage their teams to start learning at the right moment. For example, if a team member just received feedback that they need to work on their emotional intelligence and communication skills, Group Admins could recommend specific courses to help build these skills.

Test and reiterate your learning programs

Successful and effective learning starts with being able to measure and drive adoption from the beginning. Once you have visibility into the learning journey of your employees, you can optimize your programs through the support of your managers or team leads. Here at Udemy for Business, we equip learning professionals with the insights and levers they need to spread the impact of learning across the organization and help employees do whatever comes next.

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