What’s the best way to get new hires up to speed?


According to the US Department of Labor, 25% of all workers in the United States have worked at their company for less than a year. The average American also switches jobs about ten times before the age of 37.

As these statistics show, onboarding and training new hires is a huge part of corporate life in today’s world. Properly training a new hire is fundamental to your organization’s well-being, and a failure to do so results in both job dissatisfaction and low work performance for that employee.

Yes, training new employees is important. But the big question is: who is going to do it? And how?

Should you:

  • Have valuable staff members deliver training every time a batch of new hires come in?
  • Lock your new staff in a room with a boring manual?
  • Force new hires into a schedule that will conflict with their work?

Clearly, none of the above is a great solution to employee onboarding.

Many companies are finding that one of the best ways to train employees is by using online learning (e-Learning). With online training, you can reach all of your new hires with a consistent, focused message at a place and time that is convenient for them and your company.

There are several compelling reasons for your company to develop e-Learning training modules:

  • Time: workers can engage in training whenever is best for them and the company.
  • Retention: e-Learning allows employees to rewatch difficult content and revisit pertinent information in a convenient way.
  • No Travel Expenses: with e-learning, there is no need to fly instructors in or employees out for training. All you need is a computer or a mobile device and you can train from anywhere in the world!

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