What to Blog About: 6 Ways to Choose a Topic for Your Blog

what to blog aboutHave you been thinking about starting a blog? Whether you’re a creative writer or an expert on a certain topic, starting a blog is a great way to find an audience that responds to your work and promote your content.

Although the practical side of starting a blog is simple, the creative side can be far more of a challenge. One of the hardest aspects of a blog is simply deciding what to blog about before you get started.

The best blogs generally have a consistent theme, making it important to work out what you’d like your blog to be about before you start. In this guide, we’ll share six ways that you can choose what to blog about, from business to personal hobbies.

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Blog about your hobbies and passions

what to blog aboutWhat are your hobbies? What are you passionate about? From home maintenance to online activism, blogs about personal hobbies, passions and interests are often some of the most popular and acclaimed in the blogosphere.

Hobbyist blogs attract a huge amount of traffic, particularly from search engines and social communities like Reddit. Simple blogs on hobbies like carpentry or gardening may not seem exciting, but they’re often enough to attract a huge audience.

When you’re choosing a hobby to blog about, make sure it’s one that you can write about week after week without tiring of. Some hobbies and topics have depth and can be written about over the long term, while others don’t have the same appeal.

Any type of hobby is suitable for a personal blog, and many can easily be monetized later to start producing online income for you as a blogger. From how-to guides and eBooks to private coaching, any hobbyist blog with an audience can be monetized.

Before you start a blog about one of your hobbies or personal interests, look around the blogosphere for existing blogs covering these topics. Don’t think of them as your competition, but as partners that you can work with to promote your own blog.

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Blog to teach people a useful skillCloseup of Human hands cooking vegetables salad in kitchen

Are you an expert web developer? Do you know how to paint? Can you sprint, climb or cycle like no one else? If you have unique and useful skills, you can turn them into a topic for your blog that’s perfect for attracting a large audience.

Everyone wants to learn new skills, from the art of cooking to the ability to market their business and improve their income. If you have unique skills that are valuable to a certain audience, they’re a great potential topic for your blog.

From improving your golf swing to learning how to reduce the amount of electricity your home uses, any type of skill that improves people’s lives or saves them money is one that’s worth blogging about.

Just like with a hobbyist blog, the best blog posts for skill-based blogs are generally ‘how to’ guides and other instructional content. Focus on teaching your skills to your readers and you’ll quickly attract a loyal audience that follows your blog.

Monetizing a skill-based blog is simple. After you’ve built an archive of posts, you’ll begin to see which are the most popular. You can then expand on these topics in an eBook or online guide. Alternatively, you can monetize your blog with AdSense.

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Blog to expand your career optionsGroup of Business People in Office Building

Are you an ambitious upstart? Whether you’re interested in changing careers and moving into a new profession or becoming an independent consultant within your current industry, blogging is a great way to get your name out there.

Career-based blogs are fantastic ways to brand yourself as a true professional – the type of person any serious business can rely on to achieve their goals, meet targets and always be around when required.

If your career change is successful, you can also parlay that success into a change of theme for your blog – from being about your skills and attributes into a blog about successful career change and professional development.

This form of blogging – blogging to enhance your online presence and professional identity – is a form of personal branding. If your blog reaches the right people, it can have massive positive effects on your career and future outlook.

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Blog to promote your businessShaking Hands

From search engine optimization to new leads and business opportunities, adding a blog to your business website has numerous benefits. Blogging is an excellent online promotional strategy, especially for businesses that target a digital audience.

It’s also an excellent way for local businesses to stand out. Combined with a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, a frequently updated blog is a great tool for sending social media traffic to your company or local business’ website.

Good topics for businesses interested in blogging include useful tips for people and customers in your industry, ‘buying guides’ for your most popular products, as well as promotional posts explaining the value your business can offer.

Remember to balance the three above categories, and particularly commercial and non-commercial posts. Readers won’t keep reading if your content is purely based on promoting your business, but they will rarely mind an occasional promo post.

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Blog to attract social media trafficshutterstock_176941343

Not all blogs are built to teach people something new or help them enhance their lives. Some are built solely to generate traffic from sources like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and monetize that traffic through AdSense advertising.

A great example of a blog built specifically for social media traffic is ViralNova.com, which reaches an astounding 6.6 million people per month solely from posts aimed at Facebook users.

Hallmarks of blogs built for social media are long, ‘clickbait’ titles such as “You Won’t Believe This…” or “What Happened Shocked Me!”, as well as eye-catching images that users instinctively click on.

This form of blogging is on the decline since Facebook changed its Pages algorithm, but it remains a fantastic source of traffic – and a very steady source of income – for thousands of click-focused bloggers.

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Blog to build a valuable online assetshutterstock_148978775

Although social media may be the latest promotional tool for bloggers, there have been successful blogs for far longer than there have been social networks. While a lot of blogs are promoted through social media, many of the most valuable aren’t.

From Seth Godin’s famous marketing blog, which attracts most of its readers via a free email list, to the hundreds of thousands of hobbyist blogs that attract readers through forums, there are plenty of blogs that exist beyond social media.

Since these blogs don’t grow or decline based on the latest Facebook shared content algorithm, they become more than just social promotional tools: they’re real online assets that will continue to attract an audience for years to come.

Many of these blogs turn into new forms of media, like TechCrunch did for the web startup community. Others are acquired by traditional publishing companies like a magazine or print media business would be, often due to their huge audiences.

If you’re interested in turning your blog itself into a business, rather than using it as a promotional tool for yourself or a separate business, you need to treat it like it’s an online asset, not just a platform for generating traffic or income.

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Learn more about starting your own blog

From gardening to growth hacking, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ topics to choose for your blog. If you have a deep interest in something and the skills and perspective to keep creating interesting content, then you’ve got what it takes to become a blogger.

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