People are adapting as best as they can to the new reality of living and working primarily from home by connecting virtually and seeking online resources to help them work and learn. Udemy is uniquely positioned to provide a multifaceted snapshot of the current state of online learning. We put together a quick overview of our findings in an infographic. You can see a few snippets below, or get the full infographic here.

The immediate impact on Udemy course enrollment

Since late February, as countries began to evaluate stay-at-home orders and national closures, course enrollments across the entire Udemy marketplace platform have increased more than 425%.

Hot topics on Udemy for Business

While the huge surges in enrollments in courses related to Telecommuting (21,598% increase) and Virtual Teams (1,523% increase) aren’t a complete surprise, we’re also seeing increased interest in courses related to productivity and personal development topics like fitness and coaching.

Want to dive deeper into the data and learn more about which skills are trending? Get the full infographic here.

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