what sells best on ebaySelling on eBay isn’t about luck, especially if you don’t want to be a one-and-done auctioneer. If you have any plans for consistency or moderate to serious money making, selling on eBay is all about knowing what sells the best. Logic, in this case, turns out to be the correct place to begin. As you would imagine, there are things that always sell well on eBay, and then there are things that get “hot,” that sell like hot cakes for a couple months and then never appear again.

I’ll break my list of “What Sells the Best on eBay” into these two categories: “classics” and “hot cakes.” Once you know what sells, check out this five-star course to learn how to make money online without spending money up front.


Classics are wonderful because you can rely on them. They also aren’t going anywhere (being classics) so the one draw-back is that they don’t sell as quickly as out “hot cakes” items. But that’s OK. Think about classics as a seller’s bread and butter.

Clothing has always sold well online, but the accessories are the stars of this show. Fine jewelry is practically a guarantee; it doesn’t have to be gold or platinum, either; in fact, better if it’s not. Silver jewelry sells the most consistently, especially if it’s relatively unique (as in the kind of thing you would find at a small, local jeweler). Watches are always in demand, too.

Women’s handbags and purses are a gold mine. You won’t be able to charge exorbitant prices, but you don’t need to. Even at half off these are going to fetch a pretty penny. Nice shoes, such as boots (hiking, cowboy, etc.) or anything designer-made, are also fine options.

Anything vintage or antique is literally and figuratively a classic. Paintings, sculptures, collectibles, coins, perfume bottles, tobacco tins, guns, cars (it might sound crazy, but you can flip cars on eBay for fun and profit), stamps, etc. It doesn’t even have to be relevant: if it’s old and has moderate beauty and/or character, there’s a good chance it will sell well.

From a famous pair of boxing gloves to a nice set of second hand cleats: sports equipment almost always sells. The exception would be things that fall are old, but not vintage (football pads from the 90s, for example). It should either be old or close to new.

Actors, musicians, sports figures, comedians. If you have classic movie posters or anything with an authentic touch of fame, it will sell. The world is full of collectors who would open their pocket books to a handkerchief Babe Ruth wiped his forehead on. If that made you excited to sell on eBay, check out this guide to becoming a successful eBay entrepreneur.

Just when you thought the book was dead, it turns out to be a best-selling item on eBay. This is probably due to the fact that it is non-fiction that sells the best. Historical books or books on obscure subjects are excellent finds.

You might be surprised to learn that a large number of the toys sold on eBay are for adults. That’s because older toys, such as collectibles (American Girl dolls, Beanie Babies, etc.), are still being collected. A fool-proof way to get someone’s attention is to sell multiple items that belong to the same collections; your own collection, for example. Legos never go out of style, so if you have some old Star Wars classics, think about making somebody’s day.

Hot Cakes

Hot Cakes have a narrow window for eBay, but they have two advantages over classics: 1) they sell faster, 2) they sell for higher profit margins.

This one is obvious. The latest or second-latest version of the newest phone, tablet or computer has a good chance of selling almost immediately. Video games, too (this article has some great advice on how to sell video games online). This is due to the fact that people want these items right away, before they get any closer to going out of style. There are even some electronics that belong on the classics page, such as this original Apple computer that sold for almost $400,000.

Movie collections with DVD and BlueRay items have been selling well for the past few years. The newer the movie, the narrower the window for getting a solid price for it. Vinyl has also been selling well recently. Even though much of the vinyl is vintage, I included it on hot cakes because the current prices are sky high and the current culture is obsessed. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this phase die out within the next few years. Here’s some additional free advice on how to sell on eBay and the top mistakes beginners make.


You would think with that since every phone, tablet and computer has a camera on it, that cameras would be null and void at this point. But I think it’s this very reason that is making them hot. Cell phone cameras aren’t as good as they’re made out to be, and you look idiotic taking a picture of the Grand Canyon on a cell phone (I mean, seriously?). Americans are into vintage items, and photos captured on real film are not only stunning, but they offer a classic feel. So even old cameras are selling well. But if you have an “old” Nikon D40, those are solid items too. A quality digital camera is on pretty much everyone’s personal wish list.

While the old Polaroid cameras can be bough for about $5 at your local thrift shop, the film is incredibly rare. So if you have any old Polaroid film laying around . . .

The truth is, hot cake items are constantly changing on eBay. The ones listed here are categories that are unlikely to change, while the items within them will. You can stay on top of the hot cake items for free with eBay’s Popular Items page. It’s up to date and allows you to search in any area imaginable. Plus it’s full of free tips, such as hot key words, specific models, etc.

Now that you know what’s classic and what’s hot, use this course’s trade secrets to learn how power sellers make millions on eBay.

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