what is sap softwareSAP software represents the terms “Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing.” It is related to ERP, which is “Enterprise Resource Planning.” SAP is also the name of the company. The firm is widely recognized as the global leader in enterprise applications in the form of software and services related to software. In terms of market capitalization, SAP would be the third-largest independent software maker in the world. Here are some statistics regarding the company:

– Over 230,000 clients in almost 190 countries.

– Over 65,000 employees in 130 countries.

– More than 41 years in existence.

– Revenues every year top €16 billion.

– Stock symbol is SAP.

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SAP software is comprised of a number of modules that integrate together. They cover almost every part of managing a large business.

ERP Leader

SAP software is the leader in ERP. By 2010, SAP was installed in more than 140,000 locations around the globe, in over 25 business verticals, and more than 76,000 clients in 121 countries.

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SAP software is important because it manages the complex business units of large enterprise. Raw material, inventory, production, marketing and sales can all be managed from a single point. Manufacturing companies face many challenges in coordinating all of their business units. They have a plethora of data that needs to be integrated and evaluated by managers in different locations around the world.

Effective communication and sharing of data is critical. In addition, outside companies like vendors and suppliers, not to mention prospects and customers, need constant and immediate information. SAP software is specifically designed to tackle these major challenges–it centralizes all of the resources needed for the organization including payroll, human resources, customer relationship management, sales, material handling and supply chain. For major international manufacturers, SAP software is the go-to solution. SAP is widely used in these industries:

– Aerospace

– Automotive

– Engineering

– High Tech

– Media

– Mining

– Oil and Gas

– Retail

– Chemicals

– Healthcare

– And many others.

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Business Lines

You will find SAP software in a wide variety of business lines including:

– Asset Management

– Human Resources

– Manufacturing

– Procurement

– Sales

– Sustainability

– Service

– Finance

– Information Technology

– Supply Chain

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One of the most popular uses of SAP software is cloud services. Analytics, business applications, collaboration tools, platforms, and virtualization management are several of the functions SAP handles in the cloud. On the mobile front, SAP is used for mobile apps, platforms, commerce solutions, device management, mobility and services. In short, SAP is in every aspect of enterprise software, and leads the industry through constant innovation, commitment to excellence and dedication to customer service.

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