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With frequent reports of data breaches of individual and corporate data, understanding what cyber security is and why it’s critical to our digital lives and work. In its simplest understanding, cyber security covers everything we do to reduce the risk of digital attacks. That includes protecting devices (everything from phones to laptops to smart TVs) and the online services we access like social media accounts, work email, and learning platforms.

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Because so much business and personal information are now stored on devices and online, an important part of cyber security involves keeping that data safe. 

In this brief overview, we’ll cover the bad actors who pose cyber threats, common types of cyberattacks, and suggestions to reduce the risks of attacks. For more on understanding this growing field in the technical space, check out our library of beginner-friendly cyber security courses

Cyber security threat actors

In the world of cyber security, who exactly are we trying to protect against? We can split the threat actors into three groups: 

5 types of common cyber attacks 

Essential tools and strategies for cyber security

A big part of network security for an organization involves showing its users how to stay safe. Examples include how to use passwords responsibly and how to back up data. It also involves teaching people how to avoid unsafe messages, email attachments, websites, and apps. 

Cyber security professionals help organizations draw up safe usage policies related to the use of devices and services. These rulebooks cover best practices like the do’s and don’ts of web browsing and downloading software. A safe usage policy also sets out what people should do if they suspect an attack has occurred. 


An organization’s cyber security or IT teams should outfit their employees’ systems with tools to prevent cyber attacks, That includes the following:  

How to minimize impacts of an attack

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to stop every cyber security attack. This is why an important aspect of cyber security involves minimizing the impact of an attack. 

You or your IT team should have a cyber attack response plan prepared in advance of any issues. Common response plans involve isolating the attack and blocking access to other devices, drives, or parts of the network. To reduce business interruption, the team should also prepare to bring backup systems online in the event of an attack.

The post-attack investigation is important, too. A thorough debrief involves working out what happened, how it happened, and what damage was caused. Once there’s a better understanding of the attack, review your existing cyber security measures to see how they can be strengthened. 

You’ll often see cyber security referred to as a game of cat and mouse. Hackers are forever finding new vulnerabilities to take advantage of, and it’s up to cyber security professionals to stop them. It’s rarely a dull profession and, for those experienced in the trade, can be a financially lucrative career choice.

To start exploring how cyber security works in practice, check out our online courses today.  

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