What is Clairvoyance and How Can You Attain It?

what is clairvoyanceThe word clairvoyance translates to “clear vision” or “clear seeing,” and an individual who has clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant. This extraordinary gift is not one that everyone is able to use right away like the other senses, though it is something that you can work on developing if you really put your mind to it. Although clairvoyance may seem evil at first or be viewed as something negative by certain religious groups, the truth is that, ultimately, it is nothing more than an extra sense that some people have learned to use. Some even call it a gift that should be embraced and used properly in order to help others.

Again, while some people seem to be born with the gift of clairvoyance and come to use it naturally without any effort, it is something that is capable of being fine-tuned even in people who are seemingly not clairvoyant at all. A course that delves into psychic abilities and how to develop your own personal psychic power, for example, will teach you how to become more intuitive naturally and use your abilities to make sound decisions so that you can live a life that is fulfilled and joyful. 

Just remember that being clairvoyant is an ability that should be used to guide your own personal journey. Many people who claim to be psychic are really just trying to make a living fooling other people. For more information on how some psychics use number tricks to get people to pay them for what seems like a psychic reading, check out this blog post. And if you are serious about learning more about clairvoyance and how you can attain a greater level of intuitive strength, continue reading.

Science or Pseudoscience?

It is important to note that clairvoyance has not been proven scientifically. Therefore, the scientific community does not support statements made by individuals who claim to be psychic in any way. Science also has not found proof for many of the paranormal experiences that many people have spoken about throughout the ages, even though the people who go through them are adamant that they were real. Parapsychology, on the other hand, provides some support to the clairvoyant community and those who believe in the paranormal and any other strange occurrences that have not yet been solved by scientific studies and evidence. And parapsychology falls under the category of pseudoscience.

If you are embarking upon a journey towards becoming more psychic, clairvoyant, and intuitive, you should be prepared to encounter quite a bit of resistance from those who find it hard to believe that certain individuals have these powers while most others do not, as well as from those who base what they believe in on what science has already proven to be true and real.

Your Sixth Sense

Science recognizes the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. But it does not support the claims made by those who are psychic about the existence of a sixth sense that is able to tap into the unseen and the unknown. This sixth sense is able to perceive things that others cannot, and it does so through the third eye, which is said to be located between the eyebrows and is a concept that is studied in various metaphysical schools and also in yoga, Reiki, and meditation. This sixth sense, or third eye, must be sharpened in order to use it as you would any other sense and to become truly clairvoyant.

Once your sixth sense has been developed, you will be able to see things that others cannot see and understand, or you will have an inner knowingness, or gut feeling, about situations and people even if you have no prior knowledge of them. Some clairvoyants are even able to see auras, or energy fields and colors, that surround people and can provide insight into the inner state of their minds, emotions, and intentions.

In addition to strengthening your sixth sense, or your intuition, you should also strive to improve your five senses so that you can use the information your third eye receives and then properly translate that information using your other senses. In other words, you become more aware of energy through your sixth sense, which picks up on energy fields and observes their movement and intentions. Then you use your other five senses to interpret or translate what the energy is all about and channel that new awareness into the tangible realm.

How Clairvoyance Comes Through

what is clairvoyanceClairvoyance can manifest in a variety of ways in different people. For example, some people experience images in their mind’s eye during waking hours or even in dreams. Others receive these images during periods of relaxation or meditation when the mind is quiet and still. And other psychics meet a person and see symbols or numbers in their minds that represent something about that individual.

Clairvoyants may also receive messages through auras, which are energy fields that surround living beings. Based on the color of these auras, as well as how much energy surrounds a person, a clairvoyant can delve into what that person is feeling and thinking, gaining a perspective on what that individual needs or what his or her intentions are.

Many people who have these psychic abilities will need to take some time to themselves to decompress, especially if they find that they are also empaths, or individuals who feel what other people are feeling and can absorb the energy, whether positive or negative, from a person who is near them. Therefore, they may choose to use certain tools in order to turn on their psychic abilities whenever they want to and then turn them off to get through the rest of their days without being bombarded by symbols, energy fields, and visions or messages. Reading tarot cards and using runes are just a couple of examples of techniques that psychics can use to tap into their intuitive powers and gain insight and answers to questions they may have about their own lives or to help others get through tough situations.

Clairvoyance occurs differently in different individuals. Some people receive messages or visions in flashes for brief moments in time and they do not know how to read them until the visions actually occur in their lives or manifest in some other way. And some clairvoyants can’t control when they receive messages, or they may go a long time without getting any flashes of insight. And still others are clairvoyant to the point that they can predict events that are going to happen.

How to Become More Clairvoyant

One of the first steps that you can take to become more intuitive is to open up your third eye chakra by focusing on the area between your eyebrows, envisioning the color indigo in this area, and chanting the mantra “Sham.” Sitting in quiet meditation can also help you to gain insight that you would not be able to receive if your mind was always preoccupied with other tasks and thoughts throughout your day.

Many people who wish to become more clairvoyant will also keep a journal of symbols that they receive and of coincidences that occur in their lives. The more you begin paying attention to what seem like simple coincidences at first, the more you will start to notice a connection between them and develop an understanding of how signs are sent to you for guidance.

Letting go of the ego and asking the universe and your spirit guides to assist you in receiving and properly deciphering messages is also an important step in becoming more intuitive. Patiently waiting for the signs is part of the process, as you may need to wait a while for your solutions to come to you. And as the answers arise, you can determine whether they are applicable to something from your past, an issue you are dealing with in the present, or something you are concerned about with regards to your future.

Viewing Clairvoyance in a Positive Way

The most important thing to remember about clairvoyance is that it is not negative, even though it may be frightening at first or seem strange to those who have never experienced it for themselves. Instead, it is simply a means by which people can tap into the unseen and receive messages that can be helpful and provide guidance. People who meditate, for example, will use the time to quiet their minds so that their inner voices can shine through and provide them with the answers that they need. And individuals who ask for help from the spiritual realm may believe in angels or guides who can assist them in solving life’s difficulties in the best ways possible. The whole point of being clairvoyant is to be able to tap into the universal source that provides life and knowledge to all living beings.

If you need some guidance on how to become more clairvoyant and intuitive, the best way to learn is by taking a course from someone who has these abilities, is trustworthy, and is willing to share some tips on your journey towards being more in tune with everything around you.