what does rotc stand forThe ROTC program is a common program at many universities. However, what does ROTC stand for, how did it begin, and how can you join? Learn more about ROTC below. Start your training for ROTC with a close combat training class online.

The anagram ROTC means “Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.” This particular military program is common at many universities, and involves training college students to become officers of the military. There are usually specific qualifications to join, and the training regimen is usually far different from people who go through basic training.

There are only two branches of the United States armed forces that don’t have their own separate ROTC programs, and those are the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard. However, those that join any other ROTC training program can serve as officers in the Marines or Coast Guard. The Navy ROTC program has a specialized “Marine Option” specially designed for officers planning to join the Marine Corps. If you want to start training for the ROTC, read this article on speed drills so you can keep up.

A Brief Summary of ROTC

Students who enroll in an ROTC program can expect a scholarship that covers all or part of their tuition for college, but in return, you are expected to join the military service after graduation. This scholarship is usually offered based on your merits including academic success. You will attend college classes just like other students, but along with your classes, you will receive basic military training and officer training for your chosen branch of service.

In the ROTC program, you can expect to participate in frequent drills during the school year, and there will also be extended training activities during the summer. ROTC units are separated differently depending on the armed forces branch you are training for. Muscle up for ROTC with an online course.

Army ROTC is organized into brigades, battalions, and companies. Navy ROTC is organized into battalions with Marine Option students separated if the program has enough enrolled. Air Force ROTC organizes its students into wings, groups, squadrons, and flights. When first joining ROTC, you will be referred to as a cadet. If joining Navy ROTC, you will be referred to as a midshipman.

Once you complete your education, you would be expected to fulfill your contract. This contract would depend on the commission you received during your training as well as the scholarship you received for your education. You can decide on active or reserve status, which will affect the number of required years as well as how many will need to be completed on active duty, an active reserve, or in the Individual Ready Reserve.

If you accept a commission as a regular officer, federal law requires that you serve four years under an active duty service obligation and eight years under a military service obligation. If you accept a commission for a reserve officer, you would receive an eight-year military service obligation. However, if you serve two years of active duty and serve in the reserves for the rest of your term, you can receive at least six years of military service obligation and eight years of active duty service obligation. Build muscle to start training for the ROTC with an online class.

How to Join

Joining the ROTC can depend on your specific university requirements as well as the requirements for the specific branch you want to join. Be sure to check with your university and the branch you want to join.

The Air Force ROTC requires that you be enrolled in an accredited college with an ROTC unit or have a cross-town agreement with an ROTC unit in order to join the general military course. You must be a U.S. citizen, in good physical condition, have moral character, and be at least fourteen years old. You will be required to attend both aerospace studies classes and Leadership Labs every semester.

In order to continue Air Force ROTC in the professional officer courses, you need to meet all of the general military course requirements as well as a few more. You must be of legal age to enroll in the program you want, have good academic standing, have three years remaining in a four-year program, and be physically qualified with proper height and weight standards. You will have to pass the physical fitness test and the Air Force Officer qualifying test. There will also be a field training course, and you will need to be selected by a board of Air Force Officers.

The Army ROTC accepts students who are planning to attend graduate school as well. The Army also has a simultaneous membership program that allows you to serve in the Army Reserve or National Guard as well as the ROTC. Learn how to get fit with an online course.

Joining the ROTC depends on your goals and your desires. If you plan to join the ROTC, start now. Begin training physically, and get in touch with your local ROTC branch. They can give you information for ROTC units at colleges throughout the country.

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