what does a low temperature meanWhen the human body comes down with a sickness, one of the first things it does to not only protect itself, but to also inform its owner of said illness, is to change its temperature. Anyone who’s ever been sick associate any kind of ill health with a fever, where the temperature of the body goes up, usually around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38° C). However, there are instances where the body temperature actually goes down in response to a sickness, and it can be just as damaging to the body as a temperature that is too high.

Our discussion today centers on when body temperature goes down – why it does that, what it indicates, and how to fix it. If you or someone you know has a body temperature that starts to go down, don’t ignore it, because it has the potential to be quite devastating to your health. If you feel like you need to have a healthier outlook on life, it’s not too late for you or anyone else to start. A great way to kick off your new healthy lifestyle would be to check out this course on green juicing to learn how to detox and slim down, and this article on wheatgrass will let you know all about this detoxing wonder plant.

Body temperature is the measure of how your body gets rid of heat. A healthy body, whose inner workings are consistent and are functioning in a normal way will yield a stable body temperature and is a very good measure of how healthy it is, which is why the doctor always takes your temperature. Just like when your body contracts a sickness and its inner temperature rises, the same thing happens when a sickness takes hold, causing your temperature to decrease. If you’d like to live a long, disease-free life, this course on the perfect health should put you on the right track.

What’s Considered Dangerous 

Even though a low body temperature can be an indication of a potentially serious malady, don’t freak out if you’re reading this with a thermometer under your tongue and your internal temperature is just slightly below normal. Not everyone is the same, and body temperature is no different – sometimes people run a little cooler than others, and an internal temperature of about 97.5° F (36.4° C), though just shy of the “normal” 98.6° F, is still perfectly healthy, and even then it may fluctuate by about one degree. It’s when your thermometer starts to read about 95° F that you should start worrying. Sometimes your core temp may dip slightly after some kind of severe physical or emotional distress, such as the death of a loved one, or any kind of major life event, but if it goes down and stays down, that’s when you should go to the doctor.

What a Low Body Temperature May Indicate and How to Fix It

There are many illnesses that can cause your body temperature to drop, some more serious than others. Below are some of the maladies that may cause your core temp to drop by a few degrees.

This would result in probably the most obvious drop in body temperature. Hypothermia is not an indication of an underlying sickness, but instead is a result of prolonged exposure to cold weather. Even though we humans are warmblooded creatures, maintaining a high inner temperature, extreme temperatures can still be harmful. Hypothermia can lower the body’s temperature to 86° F or lower, eventually leading to fatigue, confusion, and even death. The way to fight hypothermia is first to get out of the extreme low temperature, then attempting to raise their body temp by covering them in a dry, thick surface, like a blanket, removing any wet clothes and replacing them with dry ones, have them drink warm beverages, and finally warm their core, including their chest, neck, head, and groin.

This results from an underactive thyroid gland, and can drop your temp down to around 96° F, whereas an overactive thyroid, or hyperthyroidism, raises body temperature. Not only will a lower body temperature let you and your doctor know of your illness,it also helps to assess the correct dosage of meds to take. The underperforming thyroid drops your temp due to its effect on the metabolism, which has a great influence on temperature.

Metabolism is basically how well your cells are able to convert fuel to energy, and is not only a good indicator of how the thyroid is performing, but of overall body performance. An overly low metabolism can result not only in a drop in body temperature, but also cold hands and feet, frequent urination, constipation, brittle hair and nails, insomnia, weight gain, and several other alarming side effects.

Insulin has been linked to the maintenance of body temperature, and diabetes is a sickness in which the body produces either not enough, or no insulin, and as a result can lower the overall body temperature. If you have diabetes and would like to treat it from a holistic approach, this course on navigating the diabetes maze will help you treat this serious disease in a more natural way.

The major organs of the body, including the kidney and the liver, are not only contained in the trunk of the body, their normal, healthy performance helps to keep body temp up, and if they start to function poorly, it may result in the temperature lowering.

Related to the previous point, this autoimmune disease attacks the adrenal glands, leading to the gradual shutting down of major organs, and resulting in an unhealthy body temperature.

There are other reasons out there for a lowered body temperature, such as alcohol and drug abuse, but the preceding causes are the ones that may sneak up on a person, and potentially cause harm, even leading to death. A lowered body temperature may be quite serious, so if you notice yours dipping, and it stays there, go see a doctor. If you’d like to add a touch of divinity to your healing process, this course on divine healing school might help improve your health.

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