What Attracts Women to Men: The Whole Package

what attracts women to menJust because a woman is heterosexual doesn’t mean she will find every man she meets attractive. Women are very complex and knowing what they find attractive will definitely give you an edge over the other guys. You can learn a lot from body language—some call it the Secret Language of Love, something you can learn more about with this Udemy course. However, to truly understand what attracts a woman to a man, you have to know what women value most in men, and why these attributes are so important.

Women Are Attracted to Good Looks

Yes, women do enjoy a good-looking man. Fortunately for guys, women are attracted to many body types. Some women favor sleek physiques while others prefer body builder types. Believe it or not, a lot of women are very attracted to teddy bears and enjoy a man who is “cuddlier” than his more buff counterparts. Height is important, but not in the way you may think. Most women are not attracted the tallest men. They like a man who is close to their own height or slightly taller (though many modern-day women don’t even mind a guy who is shorter, either). Whatever your physique, there are women who will love it, so long as you take care of your body and are confident in what you have.

Is the Whole Package Necessary?

Oddly enough, women are often attracted to a certain physical feature over all others. Sure, a lot of women like tight glutes and a broad chest. What the men’s magazines don’t tell you is just how many women love a man’s hands—slender hands, working hands, expressive hands. The slope of your shoulders could draw the woman of your dreams. So take heart – even if you don’t have a bodybuilder’s physique, you’re far more likely to attract a woman with your baby blues, and that’s just scratching the surface of what some women like. Some women are really attracted to bearded men. Others can’t stand a man with facial hair. Bald men think they are at a disadvantage, but the truth is many women are drawn to bald men—look at the number of admirers Bruce Willis has!

What’s Your Style? 

Good looks include a well-defined, attractive, and confident style. But keep in mind it’s not all about labels – you can dress in Tommy Hilfiger or Armani and be totally unattractive to a woman. A confident man in no name jeans and a recycled plaid shirt could attract a swarm of women so long as he knows how to choose the right clothing for his body. Having great style is mostly about the ability to be yourself and look great doing just that, and not about what label you wear or how much money you spend on your clothes. Women like men who know how to put themselves together. If you’re not a surfer dude, don’t show up looking like one! Women are attracted to honesty, in clothes as well as in a man’s personality. So show your individuality by dressing and grooming yourself in a way that tells her who you are. Learn more about The Law of Attraction in this Udemy course, and the ways in which these laws can help you find your soul mate.

What’s on Your Mind? 

Women are attracted to men for their brains as well as their brawn. That doesn’t mean you have to be a genius. It just means a woman wants to know what’s on your mind. Do you read books on the history of baseball? Do you follow political debates or take architectural walking tours? Talk to a woman about the ideas that excite you, and your joy for life will shine through. You don’t have to be a jock to be attractive. A lot of women like men who are thoughtful, well read and intellectually curious. Are you thinking about visiting a Civil War battle site? Don’t be shy—tell her about it! If you are not feeling confident about letting your natural attractiveness show, check out the Shy Guy’s Guide To Dating Women.

Bring on the Vitality

Women love a man with a zest for living. Are you deeply devoted to a good cause or do you have a great sense of humor? You are now the most attractive man in the room. A passion for animals is another sign of a guy who has very strong feelings about life – there’s a reason women love a man with a dog. When you are out there walking your dog and enjoying the weather, your capacity for love, devotion and physical enjoyment is on display. If you are a passionate cook, watch out. Women are very attracted to men who get creative in the kitchen. It means you are sensual, passionate, and sophisticated. Bring out the recipes and watch her eyes light up!

Self Confidence

One of the most attractive characteristics in a man is his confidence. However, that doesn’t mean you take every opportunity to talk about how great you are. Your confidence is revealed in how comfortable you are with yourself and around others. A woman can appreciate a man who doesn’t have to be the center of attention. Are you so secure in your political views that you can to listen to a differing opinion? Are you fine with not being the most knowledgeable person in the room? Then you have confidence—and women will notice. A confident man is so comfortable in himself that he can enjoy the process of letting a woman get to know him. To learn more about self-confidence, check out Udemy’s course in Confidence With Women: 9 Secrets Most Men Know Nothing About. A confident man understands that once a woman sees who he really is, she’ll want to stick around for more.

Character is Hot 

Perhaps the sexiest thing a man can do is to show his character. Women love a man who demonstrates consistency, gentleness, honesty and compassion toward others. A woman knows right away if you have character. At a bar, she’ll quickly notice your respectful behavior for the women in the room. She’ll notice your pleasant demeanor with the bartender and be impressed with your generous tipping. Everything you do reveals who you are. If you are ethical in your work, treat friends well, and refrain from gossiping, you are on your way to Creating a Mind-Blowing Relationship (something you can learn more about with this Udemy course) with the woman of your dreams.