wells fargo interview questionsSo you just got that call from Wells Fargo asking you to come into their office for an interview.  There’s no need to panic!  We are going to go over some sample Wells Fargo interview questions so you can be on top of your game when the day comes (some of which can be applied to other banking positions as well).

For about every fifteen people who apply for a job at Wells Fargo, only one will be hired.  With that said, it is very important that you are well prepared for the interview process because this is usually the last step to getting a job.  If you want to brush up on your interviewing skills and learn about what to wear, how to prepare for questions, and study about body language, take a look at our  job interview skills training course.

If you happen to be one of those fourteen people who didn’t pass the interview, it’s usually not because you were not smart or qualified enough for the job.  Since they reviewed your resume before calling you for an interview, they must of liked what they saw from your past experiences.  The reason most people do poorly is simply because they did not sell themselves to the interviewer.

Sample Questions

It goes without saying that the type of Wells Fargo interview questions asked can vary for each interviewee.  However, here is a list of the type of questions you could be asked.  You will notice that they are not all correlated with Wells Fargo and the job you are applying for:

Why do you want to work for Wells Fargo?  – This is a pretty standard question in job interviews, but how you answer it is the key.  It is essential to have some background about the company and the job description in which you are applying for.  For example, stating that Wells Fargo is a reputable company and you feel that working there as a teller will be exciting and challenging is a good answer.

Why do you want to be a bank teller? – Again, it is important that you know the job description and tasks you will be asked to perform.  If one of your duties is to greet customers and help them with their transactions, you can answer this question by saying you like helping people and it makes you feel useful. If you’re applying for the home mortgage lender position, it might help to say that you’ve been through home-buying challenges and would like to work for a reputable bank to bring aid to other home buyers.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? – It is never good to lie during an interview, so you should always keep your answers truthful.  The interviewer wants to know more about you as a person instead of as a worker.  However, your strengths and weaknesses should apply to your job duties.  If you say you are good at cooking, that may be true but it has no relevance to working at Wells Fargo.  And there’s a caveat – do not claim any weaknesses that make you seem like a bad worker.  For example, saying you are lazy and irresponsible would not be wise.  You could say you have trouble remembering things but you always try your best to, and have implemented xyz to make sure you improve. ALWAYS have a solution for your weakness.

How would you handle an angry customer if they couldn’t withdraw their money for a certain reason? – Even if you’ve never worked before in a bank, you will need to answer questions regarding specific scenarios.  Try to look online or speak to someone you know who has the same type of job, and try to see how they handle certain situations so you can be prepared of a question like this.

What are your career goals? – This question is asked because they want to see if you’ve thought about your future and how serious you are about getting this job.  If you are not sure about your career goals at this point in your life, you can tell them that and say that the job you are applying for though could be a possible career goal if given the chance.

Do you have any questions for me? – Some think this is a trick question, but it is really a great time to ask specific questions either about the company or your job duties.  It lets the interviewer know that you are taking initiative to get the answers you want.  Try asking about the day-to-day routine, the work culture, and longevity of the role.

Remember These Interviewing Tips

Since Wells Fargo is a banking institution, it would also be wise to learn about banking fundamentals to have some knowledge about bank types, financial markets, and the functions of money.  We also have a interview and resume workshop available that will help make you standout above all your other competitors.  And if you want to focus purely on having an effective job interview, see what this course has to offer.  Learn more with us to ensure you’re the one of the fifteen people who make it!

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