Welcome to Udemy!

Hi all,

Welcome to Udemy, the best place to share knowledge online. We’ve got some amazing tech coming your way in the next few weeks/months, and can’t wait to see what you think. Ultimately, our goal is to enable you to create and share knowledge with anyone. You should be able to go on our site and create courses (or webinars) that relate to anything. And we mean anything. Yes, if you want, Udemy will allow you to teach the cha cha, English as a foreign language, how to become a chess master or how to successfully run an ice cream stand in Helsinki during the winter.

Of course, if you don’t have anything to share, no problem. You can get lost in a world of knowledge on Udemy.com!

Well, that’s the plan at least. Obviously, we’re in private alpha right now so there aren’t a whole lot of people crawling the pages of Udemy. But… we’ll be launching private beta in a few days! Can’t wait to see what you think.

Gagan Biyani