Weight Loss Acupressure Points and How to Use Them

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Weight loss is a complex subject. Most people know about the foods we eat and exercise, but other factors also affect weight loss. Stress can have a huge impact on how much weight we lose and how well the metabolism performs. Sleep also plays an important role in metabolism function and weight loss.

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Weight Loss Acupressure Points

There are a number of acupressure points that can be extremely beneficial for helping you to shed a few pounds. Acupressure points are often referred to by a name that indicates the function they perform or the energy they unblock. The acupressure points that can be used to aid weight loss include:

1.       The appetite control point

2.       The spleen acupressure point

3.       The stomach acupressure point

4.       The large intestine acupressure point

5.       The liver acupressure point

The two most important acupressure points for weight loss are the appetite control and spleen points. Here is how you can find and use them to improve your weight loss.

Weight Loss Using the Appetite Control Point

One of the most helpful acupressure points for weight loss is the appetite control point. This point is in fact so helpful for appetite control that there are acupressure earrings you can buy to help you with appetite management using this point.

The appetite acupressure point in located in the ear. It is helpful to use a mirror to help you find the correct location of this acupressure point for the first time. Whilst looking in the mirror, begin by putting your fingers on the point where the upper and lower jaws meet. Wiggle you jaw a little to locate the indentation between the upper and lower jaw bone right next to the ear. You should see the protrusion of the ear lobe very close to your fingers. It looks like a part of the ear that protects the opening of the ear canal. Place the thumb on the indentation and then use your first finger to hold the inside of this area. Use steady pressure for at least three minutes.

The appetite control point can help you to prevent food cravings and is also helpful at preventing overeating. For weight loss acupressure, begin your acupressure by stimulating this point and then end your session by stimulating the point again.

The Spleen Acupressure Point

According to the Chinese system of medicine, the spleen is vital for weight loss, health and well-being. The spleen is in charge of transforming water and food into chi or energy for the body. When the spleen is functioning correctly, a healthy person has a good strong spleen, healthy energy levels and a good digestive system. A weak spleen is responsible for reflux, fatigue, poor appetite, low energy levels and bloating. It is vital to stimulate the spleen acupressure point to stimulate the production of energy for the body and to ensure a healthy digestive system, both of which are needed for weight loss.

The spleen acupressure point is located inside the lower part of the leg near the ankle. The point is located four finger lengths from the ankle just behind the shin bone. To locate the spleen point, begin at the ankle. Place your fingers on the ankle bone with the small finger on top of the ankle joint and with the other fingers running up the shin bone of the leg toward the knee. Using the other thumb, locate the point at the last finger position, behind the bone. Once you have located the point, use the thumb or knuckle to apply pressure to the point for at least a minute and then gradually release the pressure.

This pressure point is not suitable for women who are pregnant and the spleen acupressure point should not be used at all during pregnancy.

Give Acupressure a Chance

Acupressure is free and you can apply these techniques yourself at any time. Acupressure and acupuncture have been used for thousands of years by the Chinese with great results. The bottom line is: anything that can help your weight loss journey, is worth it. So why not learn acupressure and give it a try. You really have nothing to lose other than the pounds.

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