Wedding Stress and You

Wedding StressEven if you have mentally planned the event for years, weddings are stressful. To put it mildly, there is a big chance things will not go the way you planned. Between organizing the catering, managing your in-laws and making sure your hubby-to-be knows what to do, those butterflies you feel in your stomach may just turn into full blown hives due to wedding stress. Your wedding is going to be a wonderful, beautiful experience but the stress that is inherent from the time you said ‘yes’ to the time you say ‘I do’ is almost enough to cause a woman to swear of family, flowers and fondant forever!

Before eloping in your wedding jeans, you may want to take a moment and think about the stress that every planned event comes with and how you can manage this effectively.  After all, every wedding even is composed of a million tiny details that induce stress. Through all the cantankerous caterers and florists, it is easy to forget what is truly important and this is the love you and your fiance have for each other.

Taking this course which causes you to feel confident, relaxed and in control regardless of what is happening around you, so it’s a great option to check out before your big day. Let’s take a look at some more tips to help you deal with wedding stress.

Issues with Your Friends and Family

It is a tough task to create a wedding day from scratch. Attempting to juggle staying within budget, ensuring you look amazing, keeping family and friends happy and creating a day to remember is almost a guarantee to feel stressed out enough for the entire year.

At one point or another, the most happily engaged couples are ready to pull out their hair. Between the expectations that other people have, time and money issues that weddings entail, it is safe to say that wedding stress is more the norm than the exception. Planning a wedding can be stressful and all the joy and spirit of being a bride or groom can be zapped out due to trying to please everybody. One thing about bridal stress is that unlike regular stress, this one is temporary and yet is related to emotional challenges and deep issues within the family.  Stress from a wedding can be triggered instantly by issues that are practical with family dynamics exacerbating everything. Often, there are challenges to resolve and decisions to make at every turn of that path to finally saying your vows.

This makes it clear why many ladies go through bridal blues. Here is a course about attaining less stress that you can put into practice each day as part of your routine. This course is for people who feel like they have no time to spare and could balance out the stress of planning your wedding and help you remain focused.

Don’t Turn Into Bridezilla

Your wedding is supposed to be the most joyful time of your life. Remember that Bridezillas are made, not born. No matter how happy this time is supposed to be, planning weddings are like working another job after hours. You will need to carve out time to tend to the multitude of small details and squeeze this into your workday as you manage an array of tricky wedding dynamics such as your groom, the family demands and anxieties and vendors. It cannot be denied that some brides have demanding personalities but most are simply nice persons sucked into the wedding planning vortex of stress. They have become overwhelmed by the expectations, pressures and stress of the people that surround her at this time.

To protect yourself from turning into Bridezilla, make sure that as part of the process of planning your wedding, you include a time to chill out and include self-nurturing and stress management. When you feel that there is a build-up of stress at some point, do something not related to the wedding such as writing in a journal, going for a manicure, getting a massage, catching a move, going for a walk and generally taking some time out. After all, if you want love, honor and getting cherished by someone else, you will need to do this for yourself first!

Keeping Your Emotions Under Control

A lot of emotions are stirred up by marriages. In itself the process sets forth a period of change and growth that can be very nerve-wracking and confusing. Once you make the decision to get married, this begins the process of preparing for the wedding itself. This includes unresolved emotions about family and parents, past relationships and thoughts about the person you decided to spend the rest of your life with. This does not mean you should cancel the wedding. Rather, be prepared for these issues to come to the surface. Remind yourself that along with all the outer preparations, inner work is called for as well. You might want to keep yourself in-control of things and productive by taking this course which causes you to feel confident, relaxed and in control regardless of what is happening around you.

To deal with this, you can welcome rather than reject the awareness that you are about to embark on a journey of transition from one of life’s aspects to another. You can address and honor your fears and emotions that come up. Pay attention to any issue that might require counseling or support and trust that these are natural.  It is important to anticipate your emotions and at this time, to remain honest with yourself. It is not a good idea to sweep these issues under the carpet at this important point of your life.

Focus On The Love

Planning a wedding can turn into a crisis. A bride can become mired in the demands and details as there is just so much focus on the external experiences. As a matter of fact this could even cause a bride to forget the reasons she was getting married to begin with. When she begins feeling that going through her dream wedding plans means going to war with almost everyone involved including the groom, friends, her family and parents, she becomes reactive and hostile. What has started as an experience filled with joy has turned into a war zone, a battle for having the wedding of her dreams. This is extremely stressful not to mention exhausting. It can turn even the sweetest tempered persons cranky and mean.

When this happens, it is a good idea to remember that a wedding’s true meaning is to bring a couple together in a sacred union. The party is meant for celebrating, not something that is supposed to discourage you as you plan it. When a couple who is in love step up literally to make a deep commitment to each other in holy matrimony, they have opportunities to unit not just their families, lives and hearts but also to unite their very souls. In the ceremony, it is not just the couple that benefits. Anyone who attends a wedding can be inspired and empowered by the love within the room. Focus and remember that the love between you is the objective.

Other People

When it comes to your wedding, everyone will have something to say. When you have the feeling that you simply can’t win, you are not alone. No matter what age you happen to be or who you are, each person you come across will have something to say about your wedding. You might be showered with gifts and congratulations but simultaneously you will be bombarded with negative vibes, wedding horror stories and unsolicited advice from relatives that may be imposing on you without realizing it and friends that mean well.  There is a tendency that people have to see your wedding as an opportunity to get their own needs fulfilled. Don’t be surprised that in every which way, family dynamics will erupt due to the fact that as your clan makes preparations of gathering they begin acting out what it is all about for themselves. These could involve classic issues such as your mother wanting you to have the wedding she never had and your best friend or sister wishing that it was her and not you who was getting married. Another issue might be that your groom might not stand up to his relatives. The experience of your wedding may even be fraught of more current challenges such as questions of faith mixing, planning an nontraditional affair or opting for a wedding that does not involve religion.

To cope with these classic issues, a bride needs to be clear about the wedding she sincerely wants for herself.  Set clear boundaries that no one can pierce through with attitudes or words and make strong attempts to remain centered at all times.  If this does not work, you might want to consider the reality that a marriage is for the both of you but weddings do tend to be for other people.  Get some help with this blog post about creating a wedding reception checklist flawlessly on the greatest day of your life.

Remember Your Own Happiness

Remember that the joy you feel in life does not depend solely on your wedding. It really does not. Some brides feel that in order to have the perfect life and the perfect wedding, they need to have a perfect marriage. They give too much power to the day of the wedding itself. They begin treating the day of their wedding as something to be served and worshiped. There is a fear underlying that if something goes awry on the actual wedding day, it is a sign that will break or make the marriage. Many cultures place too much emphasis on having a dream wedding and not enough on having a wonderful marriage, including ours. It is okay to be obsessed temporarily and to yearn for the wedding of your dreams. At some point, every bride does feel that. However, you need to keep your focus on what is truly significant on this day.

Take a step back and think about the reality that it is not the day itself that is important. Rather, it is that you marched down the wedding aisle into the arms of the person you plan to build your life with. This is the person that you love and you will have a lifetime of memory-making you can do throughout the years. While important, the day of your wedding is just one of the many memories and experiences you will go through together.  If this article helped you, here is a course you may want to take about taking 3-minute breaks each day to release stress and to focus as you visualize your goals.