Wedding Planning on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

wedding planning on a budgetThere are several tips that you can make use of in order to have an elegant wedding on a shoestring budget (notwithstanding the fact that most people get blown away by the amount of cash that can be used when planning a wedding.) However, you can still have that dream wedding through proper planning of the available resources. Keep reading to learn more about wedding planning on a budget. In fact, let’s begin with a fun one, The Ultimate Wedding Dance.

What Budget Makes You the Most Comfortable?

It involves putting all of the resources you have available for your wedding budget on the table. Then, you might attempt to stretch in order to have the ability to cover the entire wedding ceremony and reception. Determine a comfortable budget that allows for some room. Mistakes can happen so, you want some padding in the event you need to make changes.

Limit the Guest List

You might have to do away with gate crashers at your wedding, and you can make it an “RSVP Only” function. This will save you on the entire cost of the wedding including the invites, as well as the food. Think of the guests you have to have at your wedding. The most important part is you and your spouse. You do not need a thousand guests to have a memorable and meaningful day. Most of the time, an intimate event is a lot more fun and comes with less stress.

Wedding Season

If you plan your wedding during a peak season, you might have to shell out a lot more money than you would like. To cut costs, try setting your wedding for a less busy time of year. First of all, wedding venues will be happier to have you, and you might get better treatment. Secondly, you might be able to afford something that you wouldn’t have in peak season. A wedding can be beautiful regardless of the time of year.


Shop for accessories months ahead of time. This way, you can look for bargains that you might not get when purchasing items at the last minute. When it comes to floral arrangements, if you choose to go with fresh flowers, stick to ones in season. They will be readily available at a cost-effective price.

The Reception

Think of having the wedding service as well as the reception at the same venue as this will cut back on transportation cost in addition to paying for another venue. Ask if the venue offers an hourly rate. That way, you can decide how many hours you can afford, and plan accordingly.

What About the Décor?

Here is a secret trick: if you want to save on spending money on table cloths and centerpieces-use smaller tables. Additionally, use more greenery in place of flowers to cut back on your floral budget. Get creative. Think of ways for using non-floral decorations that still add color and panache to your wedding. To illustrate, you can use bright tissue paper, decorative pearls, paper lanterns, wheatgrass, colorful candles and branches.


Food may or may not play a significant role in your wedding. However, you do have multiple options. A buffet is more cost-effective than a full course meal for each guest. Furthermore, you could skip having a full bar and simply serve signature cocktails as well as several non-alcoholic beverages. Lastly, if you are able, you might have your family and closest friends opt for a pot luck.


If you go for a two tier cake instead of a much larger one, you can supplement it with add-ons that are simple. Stick to basic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. You can use flowers from your reception to decorate the cake. Moreover, fillings and exotic icings cost extra. If the cake is moist and the frosting delicious, isn’t that all that matters?


Instead of going for a traditional church wedding, you might opt to exchange your vows at a local garden, farm or even a backyard. None of these types of venues are unheard of. Moreover, they are fun and save you money.

Wedding Invitations

We live in a digital world. So, why not send digital invitations? There are a multitude of options for doing so. Not to mention, you do not have to spend hours printing,writing out addresses and licking stamps.


You can use your own equipment to play your favorite music. If you know someone who owns a karaoke machine, you could have a karaoke contest. Other inexpensive options include stand-up comedians, jugglers and even card games. If you do want a band, look to your local college or high school. They might give you an excellent rate for the exposure.

Wedding Dress

You have many choices when it comes to wedding dresses. First of all, you can rent one. This gives you the opportunity to wear a dress that might be out of your budget if you had to buy it. Sample sales are another good place to score huge discounts. You may also look into wearing a family member’s dress. Lastly, you can have one made where you pick out the fabrics you can afford.


You do not have to visit a hair salon to get your hair done. Peruse through your favorite bridal and fashion magazines, and pick your favorite hairstyle. Then, spend some time practicing how to set your hair. You can also pick up a bridal hairstyle magazine that gives you step-by-step instructions.

Photographs and Video

Sometimes candid photos and videos are the most sincere. Ask family or friends if they would be willing to document your wedding for you. It might even be their wedding present to you. Also, you could ask your guests to email you some of their snapshots.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can help with many of the intricate details that come along with planning a wedding. This can be especially helpful if you and your spouse work full time. However, they can also be costly. So, you might hire a planner part-time instead, just to help you get organized.

Additional Items

Instead of hiring a limo, you can drive to your venue. Favors can be homemade, if you have the ability. Shoes and jewelry can also be bought at discounted prices. Your accessories do not have to be real to sparkle.


You can have a rather cheap wedding if you are willing to give it some thought. A little creativity will bring enjoyment to your planning on top of keeping money in your pocket. You can even set up a wedding website to update all of your friends and family regarding your nuptials.

The extent that you and your partner are willing to think out of the box will ensure that you do not overspend on your matrimonial arrangements. With a few alterations and innovations here and there, you could give your ceremony an entirely new lease on life!

Keep it in Perspective

Do not spend time trying to please others with aspects of your ceremony. Remember, this is about you and your spouse and not anyone else. Additionally, those who matter most to you will be happy wherever and however you decide to spend your special day. If you want to learn more about planning, Udemy offers this course, Getting Started as a Wedding and Event Planner. Also, bake your own cake by learning Cake Decorating: Winter Anemone Wedding Cake. Lastly, make the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime event by reading this blog, Wedding Theme: Personalize Your Big Day.