Wedding Photography Ideas: Advice and Tips for Superior Results

weddingphotographyideasWedding photography goes far beyond the actual day of the nuptials. As a photographer it is important to be familiar with the small details, traditions and procedures that are associated with this special day. Remember, each wedding that you photograph will be different, but some wedding photography ideas are universal, which means they will work for any type of wedding. This course covering the basics of wedding photography can be extremely useful if you are new to the industry.

The following information will provide you with insight to taking photographs, not only on the wedding day, but also the months leading up to the big event.

Up to 12 Months Before the Wedding

This is a planning period for you and the bride and groom. You need to contact the couple to see what services are required. As a photographer, they may provide you with specific details of the photos that they want, or give you free reign to produce the photos that you want. It is a good idea to have samples of other wedding photos that you have completed to show the couple, so that they have an idea of what to expect.

During this period of time, you may also schedule a date to take engagement photos, for save the dates or the actual newspaper announcement of the upcoming nuptials.

Up to the Day of the Wedding

In the months, weeks and days prior to the wedding, you may have several appointments with the couple. This can be to take photos of the bridal party or simply to discuss the wedding photography ideas that you have come up with. It is a good idea to take the direction for the photos from what the couple wants for their special day.

In the few days prior to the wedding you should take time to check all of your equipment and ensure that it is in proper working order. Also, ensure that you have enough batteries and other necessary equipment for the entire wedding photography period. Check out this lesson covering how to capture special moments to ensure that you do not miss an important photo during the ceremony.

Wedding Day Photography Ideas

The wedding day will be an eventful, fast paced experience that requires you to be at your best as a photographer. In the beginning of the day, you will be taking photos of both the groomsmen and the bridal party. Some ideas for these photos include the following:

·       Take photos of the parties getting ready. This can include the bride having her hair and makeup done and getting dressed. You should also capture photos of the groom and groomsmen getting ready.

·       Family photos. In most weddings, you will take photos of the families of the bride and groom prior to the actual ceremony. Be creative with these photos and take both indoor and outdoor photos, as well as ones that reflect the subjects in out of the box situations.

·       Photos of the ceremony space. Be sure to take time to take photos of the ceremony area, the rings of the bride and groom and other decorative features that are being implemented for the wedding day.

When it comes to taking photos for weddings, you cannot take too many.

Each part of the wedding ceremony will have a number of photos that you should be able to capture.

The Processional

As the bridal party begins to make their way down the aisle, you should ensure you snap photos of the grandparents and parents and the groom and groomsmen. Take candid shots of each person walking down the aisle. Play with angles and positions to acquire many different types of shots, since the same look photo after photo can become mundane.

The Ceremony

During the ceremony you should capture photos of the minister, the bride and groom meeting at the altar and other important events. Be sure that you do not miss a crucial time that the couple stated they wanted documented with photos.

Once the ceremony is over you can move on to the reception, where you will also be expected to provide photography services. Keep in mind, photographing the reception will likely be a bit more laid back and relaxed than the actual ceremony. Some popular wedding photography ideas for the reception include the following:

·       Toasts from the Maid of Honor and Groom. Consider having them stand together or toasting the bride and groom;

·       Photos of guests dancing;

·       Men smoking cigars;

·       Bride and groom cutting the cake.

The fact is that there are many unique and original ideas that you can implement during a wedding ceremony. However, it is important to remember, the classic photos of a wedding are likely still wanted by the couple, which means that you should not overlook this fact.

Editing Wedding Images

Once you have finished your wedding day photos, you cannot overlook the importance of editing. With the emergence of modern photography, the ability to take hundreds of different photos for the wedding day is simple. Check out this course for more information on making digital photography techniques work for your wedding day photo shoot.

During the editing period, you should pull all of the quality photos and group them together according to the time period in which they were taken. Also, you can add to, touch up or change photos using Photoshop or another photo editing software. If you have never used Photoshop, or are unfamiliar with it, check out the lesson covering Photoshop basics, as it is a very helpful tool.

Once the editing process is completed, you are ready to deliver your photos to the couple. With great wedding photography ideas, and your expertise in photography, you are going to capture memories that last a lifetime.