Wedding Photography Courses

wedding photography coursesIf you’ve ever planned a wedding or even been to one, you know that weddings are an absolute gold mine. From flowers and cakes to caterers and favors, brides and grooms shell out the big bucks for their big day. If you’re ready to turn your photography hobby into a profession, wedding photography is where it’s at. For a recession-proof career that lets you make your own schedule, check out these top-rated courses that we recommend:

Does your current career let you make your own schedule and give you flexible income? Wedding photography does. Udemy can get you started. With five-star ratings, these courses have been tested and rated by other users, so you can check out the reviews and comments to find the course that’s right for you. While you’re looking around, don’t forget to take advantage of Udemy’s half-price introductory offer when you create an account. You could get a full education for your new career for a fraction of what these courses would cost you elsewhere.

The professionals teaching the wedding courses can help you do your first wedding right by:

  • Making a shot list of the photos every couple wants.
  • Taking a praise-worthy family photo.
  • Making sure you’re prepared so nothing goes wrong on the big day.
  • Communicating with the bride and groom, so they become satisfied customers who pass your name onto others.
  • Exchanging business cards with other providers who can help sell your services.
  • Knowing when to hire an assistant.
  • Learning the benefits of multiple cameras.
  • Knowing how to be bold so get good shots without being intrusive.
  • Learning how to position groups and keep people smiling.
  • Seeing opportunities to capture genuine emotion.
  • Helping the bride and groom into natural, romantic poses.
  • Cataloging the little details of the big day.
  • Making sure all the right people are featured in the album.
  • Editing the album so your best work shines through.
  • Protecting your art and selling competitive packages.
  • Expanding your business through word of mouth.

With, you can get a full education in the things you really need to succeed as a wedding photographer: business advice, website management, wedding photography skillz or editing. You can even take a class on preparing your income tax. When you customize your education online, you only pay for the courses you really need. That doesn’t happen with other photography programs where you’re required to take the courses some administrator picks for you (often leaving you with zero business management knowhow.) At Udemy, you only pay to fill in the gaps in your own knowledge.

Be a Better Photoshop Editor

If you need to focus on editing your photo, Udemy offers a variety of courses to help you get your skills up to speed, so you can profit from the wedding industry with the best of them. No matter what level your currently at, Udemy lets you progress at your own pace. From beginner to advanced, upping your editing ability is often the best way to make your portfolio shine. Do a search to find what you’re looking for, or check out these offerings to see what’s available:

Don’t waste your time enrolling in a photography program only to cover topics you already know. There’s nothing like getting advice from genuine professionals who can give you practical, real-world experience. Get into the industry faster by working at your own pace on the topics you really need to cover. If you’re already a master of photography and editing, consider some courses on business management or marketing:

Build Your Online Presence

Most of the time, it’s not enough just to take great photos. You’ll need to present yourself online and market your skills locally. Once you’ve got your business up and running, look into some ways to spread the word like a website or blog. You probably already know that an online presence will help you get more clientele, but you may not know the best way to go about building your business online. In that case, consider some social media coursework like: gives you all the tools you need to turn wedding photography into a genuinely lucrative, flexible career. At, you can customize your education, and only pay for what you need. You decide which courses will fit your needs best with a rating system that lets you know you’re getting quality content. No other wedding photography program can offer such specific and relevant programming that’s tailored to your needs. Even better, the courses at Udemy cost a fraction of what it would cost to get this degree from a university or trade school. That makes the savvy way to invest in yourself.

Choose a Versatile, Mobile Program

Perhaps the biggest benefit of our courses is the versatility of the program. It is perfect for people who need to learn on the go. With the Udemy app, you can get started on your new career while commuting to work or waiting in a bread line. You can learn when it suits your schedule, when you’re on holiday, when you’re waiting for an appointment. Learn whenever, wherever and turn your downtime into educational time.

Diversify Your Photography Skills

We’ve already discussed how offers distinct advantages over other wedding photography programs from customization to mobility—and of course, price. Moreover, gives you the chance to diversify your business as you go. Enhance your portfolio with Family Portrait Photography or Fashion and Glamour Photography. If you want to pursue a broader audience, you can specialize in food photography or fine art. Get secrets from award-winning professional photographers and take a shortcut to success while avoiding common mistakes. When you know where you want to go, Udemy helps you get there.

Teach Your Own Course

Don’t forget that once you’ve mastered your own wedding photography business, you can create your own content and upload it to to add another income stream to your ever-increasing profits.

At the end of the day, wedding photography makes a great flexible career choice, so you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people that matter. Isn’t it time you turned your hobby into a lucrative business where you only answer to yourself (and the occasional bridezilla?) You owe it to yourself to pursue an education that will take you where you want to go, and there’s one word for where to start: Udemy.