Wedding Makeup: Look Your Best On You Big Day!

Wedding MakeupToday is your big day!  As such, it should come as no surprise that you are going to want to look your best as you get ready to present yourself to the world as a Mrs.!  There may be waterworks, there will be a lot of touching, and you are probably going to want to boogie-down on the dance floor at one point or another.  Aside from the gorgeous dress that you have (or will have) picked out for your big day, people are going to be looking at your face for a majority of the day.  Luckily, we have some tips on the proper do’s and don’ts of wedding makeup to prepare you for this monumental occasion.  Wash your face off so that we can begin with a clean slate, and let’s get started!

Keep It Simple, Really!

Some brides assume that because this day is meant to be “one like no other”, that their makeup should reflect this as well.  Actually, it is the complete opposite.  Your goal for your big day should be to look like a more polished and dressed-up version of yourself.  There is no reason to try something extravagant or different that you would have never thought of wearing normally.  Take the Royal Kate Middleton for instance. After her wedding, it was reported that she did her own makeup so that her Prince Charming (no pun intended) could recognize her normally as a bride.  Her wedding was televised for the world to see, and she was widely praised for her wedding-day look.  Keep it simple!

The Help

Acquiring Help:  Just because you want to look like yourself does not mean that you have to do it yourself, as not everyone is great with makeup application.  If you do decide to hire a professional, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make a consultation or appointment 3 weeks in advance for a trial-run.  You do not want any surprises!
  • Wear white when you test out different looks for your wedding day.  You will be wearing white on your wedding day (unless you spill something), so it is best to know how your look will work with a white garment.
  • Bring pictures or references that your makeup artist can consult.  Even if you are not sure what you want, bring a few pictures of makeup looks that you like.  It is best not to let the artist go wild, because wild is not what you need.

Friends:  If you have friends or have friends who have a friend who does wedding makeup, here is your chance to work with someone that you can trust a little bit more!  A friend will probably be able to give you a better deal and be more willing and patient to work with you step by step and through different looks.  Friends are a great resource for help during your big day!

Your Face

Now, onto the main contender!

Skin: Your skin is going to be the most important factor in determining your makeup choices for your wedding day.  We hope you are keeping hydrated!  If your skin is dry, broken out, or too oily, then you are going to need to use makeup, or do things, to fix that.  Here are some of the best foundations to use on your wedding day:

  • Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover:  This foundation is great for many reasons, one of them being that it does not appear chalky or cakey, which are two things that are bound to offset any pictures during your wedding.  Also, it will make your face look lighter and less drenched in makeup.
  •  L’Oreal True Match:  This foundation will make your skin appear glowy, which is a look that women would like to achieve on their wedding days.  However, it can also come across as sheer, so if you have some blemishes or acne, try another option.
  • Bare Minerals:  Ever heard of their powder foundation?  It is definitely a popular choice for easy and fool-proof application, and can be a great option for your wedding foundation.  Apparently, it will work great for both dry and oily skin — which is great for summer weddings!

Eyes and Mouth

Rather than eyes and mouth, it should be eyes or mouth.  It is a common belief that brides should either choose to put emphasis on their lipstick or their eye makeup.  If you do both, you might start veering onto the “clown” side, which is nothing we are looking to achieve.

  • Lips:  If you decide to emphasize your lips, you can work with a bright or deep red or pink color.  Try not to apply too dark a lip liner, which could leave you looking tacky.  If you do this, go ahead and work with light colors on your eyes to keep everything else looking more under-powered.
  • Lash Action:  Whether or not you choose to work on your eyes, you can definitely give your eyelashes some curler action.  Not only will an eyelash curler make your eyes pop out, but it will also make them appear fuller.
  • Falsify:  Brides can also choose to wear false eyelashes.  Our recommendation is that you get this done professionally, as you do not your eyelash accidently falling off or coming loose anytime throughout the day.
  • Mascara:  We are going to bet that your eyes are going to get a little watery on your big day.  We don’t blame you!  However, it will be your fault if you do not go with waterproof mascara!  Additionally, have a girlfriend or bridesmaid have some tissues on hand just in case.  If you already suspect that you will be a crier, go with a lighter than black mascara; especially if you have light hair or eyes.

Some More Tips

Before you slip into your gown, we want to leave you with a few last tips:

  • Prime your face
  • If you are planning to wax your face, do so at least a week in advance.  Doing it any sooner can leave you red!
  • Carry blotting sheets with you if your skin is oily.
  • Choose a classic manicure and pedicure.  Crazy or dark colors are a no-no.
  • Pack baby wipes or deodorant if you are planning a summer wedding.

Put Your Best Face Forward!

There you have it!  With these beautifying and simple wedding makeup tips, you are all ready to slip on your veil and put your game face on for, what should be, the best day of your life!  Congratulations!