Wedding Dance Music Tips: Making It Less Stressful For You And Your Partner

weddingdancemusicYou may think that choosing the perfect wedding dance music for your reception is just another task to your never-ending list of things to do.  However, you may not realize how time consuming and difficult this process can be.  Or, maybe you have, which is why you are reading this article now.  In either case, you can rest assured as we have you covered.  There’s no exact science when it comes to choosing your music, but there are some guidelines you can follow to make the process easy on yourselves while making your audience happy.  The method of writing down your favorite songs and then arguing why it should or shouldn’t be played is one way to go about it.  But sometimes this can lead to heated debates and feelings getting hurt.  So if you and your partner have been stressing out about what to add to your music playlist, then take a couple deep breathes, relax, and let’s approach this in a more efficient manner.

The First Dance Song

This is when the bride and groom get to dance together for the first time as a married couple.  With the dance floor cleared out and all the attention focused on the newlyweds, it’s important that the song chosen for this once in a lifetime moment is just right.  It may seem fairly easy for a couple to choose their first dance song, but you’ll be surprised how stressful the process can be.  One person may want this song, but their partner will prefer another song because it’s more romantic.  But don’t worry, it’s normal to have these types of disagreements while planning a wedding.  So if you are currently on that boat as we speak, check out some of these tips so you and your partner can find the song that complements both of you best.

Find a common interest – Don’t jump straight into finding the most compatible song right from the start.  Start out with a broader outlook, such as a genre of music you both enjoy.  You may love listening to classical music, but your partner doesn’t at all.  Keep narrowing down your options until you find a style you can both agree on.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be one slow song either.  I’ve even been to some weddings where they blended a salsa song with a rock song to please both the bride and groom.  Just know that there’s always a way to compromise, and lots of software programs out there to help edit songs to your liking.

Pick a song you can dance to – There’s no need to hire a  dance instructor for your first dance, but you will want to choose a song that’s somewhat easy to move to.  You might be a bit nervous since everyone is watching you.  And if you had anything to drink, you may not have the best balance.  So if it’s a slow song you want, make sure it has a simple beat so you don’t have to focus so much on footwork.

Listen to the lyrics carefully – Make sure the lyrics in the song you choose have some sort of meaning towards your relationship with your loved one.  Did you have a long-distance relationship that you struggled with?  Did you first meet each other randomly at a bar?  There’s usually a song out there that tells a similar story about what you went through together.

Be unique and unconventional – When all else fails, just do whatever you want!  Besides, it’s your wedding so who says you have to go with the norm?  You can go on the internet and find tons of newlyweds who uploaded their first song dances.  You’ll notice that a lot of people are starting to drift away from the traditional slow songs to add a little spice and humor.  So don’t be afraid to do what you and your partner really want as the sky is the limit!

Reception Dance Music

Now that the bride and groom got their first dance in, it’s time for everyone else to join the party!  There’s a few things to consider though when choosing your reception music.  It may be easy to just  give the DJ your iPod and tell him put your playlist on shuffle, but odds are there some wedding guests on your list who won’t appreciate that so much.  Follow these tips to ensure that everyone at the reception is off their seats and on the dance floor.

Know your guests – Since you’ll be inviting your parents, relatives, friends and colleagues, it’s safe to say that the age range of guests will vary significantly.  On your reply card, have your guests also fill in a song or two that they would like to hear at your reception.  Get a good idea of what type of music the majority of the people want to dance to.  Although it’s your wedding and you get to make the final decision, remember that the more fun your audience has, the more fun and memorable it will be for you and your partner.

Play a variety of music – Once you have a feel for the type of songs your guests would like to hear, it’s time to make your playlist for the DJ or band you hired.  The key to pleasing everyone is having a good mix of different genres.  Start off by playing oldies so your parents and older relatives can show off their dance moves.  Then follow up with a few hip-hop tracks so the younger kids can have their fun.  It’s always nice to add in a few slow songs also to add a little romance to the reception.  Also keep in mind that your audience will want to hear songs that they know, so try to avoid the unpopular tracks if possible.

Choose sing-along songs – Every wedding reception needs at least a few songs that almost everyone in your party knows the words to.  These are the songs that really get people moving and dancing around.  Spread them out throughout your playlist for the night.  A few songs to list for example are YMCA by The Village People, Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees, and Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Create a do-not-play list – A lot of times your guests will approach the DJ or band and request a specific song.  You will probably be too busy entertaining guests or dancing the night away to even notice this, which is perfectly fine.  Unless of course someone is requesting a song that is not appropriate for your guests to hear.  Or sometimes the DJ will have the freedom to play any song he or she desires.  It’s important that you make a list of songs that should not be played at your wedding to avoid offending anyone in your party.  Whether it’s explicit language or depressing sad songs, make sure the DJ or band has this list in hand.

Want To Make Your Wedding More Memorable?

Raise your romance meter up a notch by singing a song to your loved one.  Even if you have no singing experience, learn from professional vocal coach Eric Arceneaux on how to sing from the diaphragm.  Have your wedding DJ or band play a song of your choice while you serenade your partner in front of the entire wedding party.  Or even better,  write your own song made special for your wedding day.  Can you think of a better way to say, “I love you”?