WCF Interview Questions

Weaknesses For InterviewsYou’re smart and skillful. You have a resume, and a portfolio. What next? The interview. There are many types of interviews. You might get a phone interview that extends to a Skype interview. But if you are among the lucky few, you get to sit among the finest skill-driven competitors you have ever encountered and win the job out from under them. When your name is called, you walk behind that door to your future.

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Your first step toward that goal is to brand yourself. If you’ve got tech skills—and you wouldn’t be trying to get a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) job if you didn’t—you should design your online portfolio, include pieces of your work, and post it online and link it to every online place you can. You are proving that you have skills, send the link along with your resume. It can kind of act as a pre-interview, making your interview be more about can I work with this person. If you have design skills, design your own background and logo. Get a nice headshot, taken without dirty gym socks in the background; use this photo for all your online presence.

If you’re not on LinkedIn start now! Jim Gomes, Sourcing and Procurement Leader at The Walt Disney Company, said at a Society for Technical Communicators (STC) Conference in March, “If someone applies for a job at Disney and I cannot find them on LinkedIn, I always think it is because of one of two reasons: either they don’t want to be found, or they don’t know how to use a computer.” And being on LinkedIn is not enough, fill out your profile. It’s more important than you realize. Gomes also said that most of the time he will hire the person that checked out his LinkedIn profile, because it shows initiative and that they really want this position. Skills are great, and you need them, but be the whole package.

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So you’re ready, you’ve got all that stuff in paragraph one, now you are online, looking like the skillful employable person you are and less like a student. Now you need the interview skills. In career focused classes, mock interviews are a part of the curriculum, and are often recorded for reflection and learning about yourself. Whether you do a mock interview or not, being prepared for the interview of your life will include: knowing what kind of questions the interviewer will ask, and how to answer those questions.

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Interview Questions

These questions are both conceptual and textual, and are commonly used in WCF interviews. You should study these questions, and others to prepare yourself for your interview.

  1. What is WCF? Briefly explain.

Windows Communication Foundation is a Software development kit (SDK) to develop and deploy services in Windows. WCF provides a runtime environment for services. It enables Common Language Runtime (CLR) kinds of services to be exposed, while consuming other services as CLR types. WCF is a part of the .NET 3.0 framework and it requires .NET 2.0, and it can run only on systems that support it.

  1. Name the Contracts in WCF.

Service contracts, operation contracts, data contracts, fault contracts

  1. What is an endpoint in WCF?

An endpoint describes the operation or actual behavior of the service at run-time. It is the agreement between address, contract, and binding.

  1. What are the major three points of WCF?

Address, binding and contract

  1. Show me the address syntax.

[transport]://[machine or domain][:optional port] format

  1. What are the different formats of the WCF transport scheme?

HTTP address format

TCP address format

IPC address format

MSMQ address format

  1. What are the ABCs of WTC?

Address—the where: Points toward the direction of services, such as URL
Bindings—the how: Tells how to find the service (SOAP, HTTP, TCP, etc.)
Contracts—the what: Agreement between the consumer and the service providers, it details which parameters the service expects and the value in return.

  1. WCF supports three types of transaction managers, name them.

Light weight, WS—Atomic Transaction, OLE Transaction

  1. What are Duplex Contracts in WCF?

WCF Services communicates with the client through a callback, which is a called duplex messaging pattern. WCF duplex messaging is accomplished over different transports, such as TCP, named pipes, and HTTP.

10.  What is a one-way contract in WCF?

A one-way contract displays the methods and operations requested by the client or the server, a reply is not expected.

11. What is IntanceContextMode?

InstanceContextMode is a property value in WCF, which indicates the creation of new service objects.

12.  What are the three property values in InstanceContextMode?

Per call, per session, and single

13.  Define proxy.

A proxy is a class that allows the service client to interact with the service. Using proxy in the client application, calling the different methods which are exposed by the service is possible.

14.  List four differences between XMLSerializer and the DataContractSerializer.

  1. DataContractSerializer is the default serializer for WCF, not XMLSerializer.
  2. DataContractSerializer is faster than XMLSerializer.
  3. DataContractSerializer is for a small, simple subset of the XML info-set.
  4. XMLSerializer is used for complex schemes, and DataContract/Serializer is used for simple schemes in comparison

15. List the characteristics of a WCF Data Contract.

A data contract uses a data contract attribute on a class or structure. Members of the data structure, which will be used by the service, should be marked with the data member attribute. Different classes can implement the same interface, which is possible because the selected members will transfer between the client and the service.

 16. Decode this code:



Response, redirect (“1.aspx”);




Response, redirect (“2.aspx”);




Response, redirect (“3.aspx”);


 Answer: The output will redirect the page to 3.aspx. The Try block will throw a redirect error, but after execution of the Catch box, the control will pass to the Finally block, which will redirect the page to 3.aspx.

Now that you have studied, wow them in the interview, get that WCF job, and thank this writer for the help.