Video Game Tester SalaryThere are many myths about making video games, and video game testing has its fair share. Video game testing is a career field that is constantly growing. As the video game industry continues to evolve, more and more large companies are looking towards people to test out their video games. Being a video game tester can be a long and difficult task, but testers do make a decent income, though it’s on the lower side in the video game design industry.

Being a video game tester is no easy feat. It takes hours of hard work and examination to really get a game polished. If you want to be a tester, you should check out the Udemy course Get a Job in the Video Game Industry that teaches you what you need to do to break into a career field in video gaming.

What Does a Video Game Tester Do? 

To a lot of people a video game tester is a person that just sits around mostly and plays video games to see if they “work”. In a sense that is true, but the job is much more complicated than that. You don’t have to just play a game; you have to play it to 100% completion, note in every instance where you found any glitches, and in many cases play the game again to see what exactly caused the glitch in the first place.

It’s not a job about playing a game, but analyzing it. You don’t choose the video game you get to work on and sometimes you don’t play the entire game. You only get a small section of the game and you spend weeks or even months receiving versions of that section repeatedly to make sure that it works flawlessly. You then turn in your report and everything is done.

Video Game Tester Salary

A video game tester, also known as a quality assurance or QA tester, doesn’t get paid very much. Most QA testers start off making around $8.00 to $10.00 an hour. The more experienced QA testers or lead QA testers make around $14.00 an hour depending on the company.

For a lot of video game testers an annual salary starts out at $16,000 a year, but that can go up to a maximum of $55,000 a year for those who continue to work at it diligently and who prove to have good skills.

A tester’s job also doesn’t always last for an extended period of time. Video game tester positions are often only temporary and it can last anywhere from a few months to a year or so. Your testing time for a specific game all depends on how long the company wants you to test for and how many pieces of the game they’re going to allow you to test.

Benefits of Being a Tester

The working conditions aren’t the best for video game testers, but they are great for those that want firsthand experience in working in the video game industry. It can be an amazing opportunity to get some time with a leading video game development company by being a video game tester.

Not only is the position great for getting into the industry, but you can also do it from the comfort of your own home, without the hassle of working a set number of hours and with the freedom of doing the work at your leisure.

You will also get to play unreleased games that people may not see for months or even years later. Even though you only get a section of the game to play and test, you still get an advanced copy of the game.

Being a tester can also get your foot in the door and allow you to branch out into other positions. The Udemy course Get Hired as a Video Game Artist teaches you a lot about getting a job in the industry with your other skills outside of testing.

Who Should Be a Tester?

If you really love video games, and you love how much they work you should consider a job as a video game tester. The salary is on the lower end of what people in the video game industry usually make, but it can help you make a great deal of money while you’re in school, and it serves as the perfect job part time job for college students studying in the same field.

Some of your favorite video game creators may have started out as QA testers, and you can branch out into other types of work as well. Check out courses on Udemy such as Introduction to Game Localization and Practical Game Development in Unity 4 to learn more.

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