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unique selling proposition examplesFirst, let’s go over the most important thing.  If, for any reason, something happened and this was your last day here on Earth, this is the thing we would like you to take away with regarding building a hugely successful company: have a Unique Selling Proposition that details what it is that makes you unique.  We know that all of you have unique stories as to what it has taken you to get where you are today.  The thing is, you need to communicate this to your customers.  Because, guess what?  They want to hear your stories!  They are interested in you just as much as you are curious about them. This course on How to Build a Million Dollar Company from Scratch is going to teach you exactly how to do that. 

Real-Life Example

When I learned the valuability of a unique selling proposition, it turned my own company around.  Instead of saying, “I’m teaching Cisco,” what I started saying was, “You know what?  When I first started learning I was completely baffled by all this stuff.  I did not know what to think.  I ended up writing a manual myself because I was so stuck!”  Eventually, I found out that everyone else felt the same way that I did.  The problem was, initially, I did not take the time to verbalize that in order to have them relate to me.  If I had, it would have opened a whole other channel for communication and connections.

There are several elements that are crucial to the success of your business that, oddly enough, many people neglect.  I only learned about this stuff when I went on a three-day marketing workshop called the Quantum Leap Workshop.  The course was taught by a guy named Robert Clay.  Clay is the inventor of the car sunroof.  Before, if you ever wanted a sunroof, you bought a car without one and then you went somewhere where they would cut a hole into the roof for you.  Clay’s invention, however, sidestepped all of this.  He was able to make a lot of money for those who invested in sunroofs.  He picked up a load of business partners, they invested, and they made the money because they had invested in it.  Clay had his own unique selling proposition that helped him rise to the ranks.

This is where I learned all about Unique Selling Propositions, risk, and reversals.

Unique Selling Propositions

One of the most important things to figure out before you establish your business is to come up with your company’s Unique Selling Proposition.  This details what are you offering and how you go about offering it.  What is different to you about it?  The main question that you are going to answer for your customers is, “Why should I buy from you?”  If somebody presents you with this question, how would you answer?  Easy – you would simply recite your Unique Sales Proposition.

Ineffective Unique Selling Proposition Examples

Say that someone just called you looking for a personal trainer, a Cisco guy, or a consultant.  By this point, they have been to everyone else and want to know why they should buy from you. You could say something like this, “We are the best!”  A lot of people say, “We are the oldest, so we care more.  The others are crap.”  Or, “we need your cash, please – I can’t make this month’s salary.”  Unfortunately, none of these are unique selling propositions.

Let’s take a look at one example that I came across when I went to a lawyer’s website:

·         “We are the leading Birmingham solicitors, enabling clients to achieve their ambitions, solving legal problems has been our role for over four decades.  Large numbers of clients from Birmingham and other parts of England and internationally, have benefited from the pragmatic and professional practice of English law which, is a hallmark of our solicitors practice.”

This is completely boring.  What has that told you about this company?  It has told you nothing but things that will not be ultimately useful to the customer.   It has told you that they solve legal problems, they are pragmatic, they have got an international customer base, and that they have value.  However, none of this is selling their actual company and service to you.  Unfortunately, that generally is the case with every firm of lawyers you have ever been to.  You find yourself thinking: what is in it for me?

Effective Unique Selling Propositions

These are Unique Selling Propositions:

·         ”The most expensive road car you can buy is the Bugatti Veyron that you may have heard of from Top Gear.”  That is a unique selling proposition.  At the end, you find yourself thinking, “I really want one, too!  I want to feel and look like I was in Top Gear!”

·         ”Have you heard people talking about this thing?  It has all the best functions, it has got this killer app, and it can look up your nose.”  If anything, that has certainly gotten the consumer’s attention!

At the end of the day, you need to relay the message to your customers that you will do for them what others will not, and you have to tell them how.

·         “We are the second biggest.”  Avis made that a part of their unique selling proposition.  They said, “Well we are second biggest, so we try harder because we want to be first.”  That is a good unique selling proposition.  It makes the company relatable to their customers and humanizes them at the same time.

Start getting into the mindset of thinking about what is special about you.  When somebody says, “What do you do?”, don’t just give them a title.  You are not simply a ‘boxing trainee’ or a ‘fitness Coach’.  You help people to achieve their health goals.  You help people learn the skills to be able to defend themselves so they do not even have to fight.  You will teach them how they can walk away from a fight. If you are not clear on making that known, you will not be able to market yourself and your company. Need some assistance?  Learn to target your marketing message so your customers will only want to work with you.

More Real-Life Examples

“People just aren’t spending the money at the moment.”  Really? Pret A Manger– have you ever heard of them? Have you seen the lines?  It could get violent there- they make fresh sandwiches to order all day, every day.  If, by the end of that day they have not sold the sandwich or the soup, it gets thrown or given away to local shelters or whatnot.  Are they struggling at the moment?  If you have ever been around a Pret A Manger, you would know the answer to that question.

Pret A Manger puts their unique selling propositions everywhere. “Chefs at work”, “Just made with preservative free, fresh natural ingredients.”  They get their customers thinking that, “I feed my kids this because I know it has been freshly made, and they don’t put any rubbish in it.  Yogurt and vanilla, what’s not to love?”

“This napkin is made from 100% recycled stock” shows that Pret’s environments departments is militant and are headway…right on their napkin.  “Waste not, want not.”  That is a fantastic and  unique selling proposition.  It is just a napkin that you are going to wipe your greasy chops on it, but  Pret a Manger is brilliant at making you see something amazing in the ordinary and putting a spin on the mundane and normal.

Start thinking now: where is your message?  Make sure that you get it out there anywhere and everywhere.  For example, put it on your business cards, on napkins, or even on ads on a website.

Motivating the Public

Your Unique Selling Proposition must do one important thing to fill a perceived gap in the industry.  This is to motivate the public, or whoever you are trying to sell to, to take action.

Do you think the people who saw the iPod, or heard about the iPod felt motivated to take action?  Of course they did.  There were lines of people trying to get the latest one all while they are already advertising a new one.

Let’s use FedEx as an example.  First known as Federal Express, they were in a sea of cutthroats, career companies, and delivery companies.  They were bottom of a list of 40, and they went from zero to a billion dollar enterprise in under 10 years, which is phenomenal.  To do that, it normally takes many decades.  All their competitors were vying for the same bit of market, trying to break in.  They are 20% more expensive, so that is a tough place to start.  It was not until they came out with that Unique Selling Proposition, “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight,” did they become the leader.

People are not thinking, “But, are you $2.00 cheaper than the other one?”  Instead, they are thinking, “I really do need my parcel to get there.”  How do you do it?

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Acquire the skills you need for a successful unique selling proposition today!  In no time, you will have the right selling strategy to build a successful and company equipped with all the right tactics of success.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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