Udemy’s Public Launch and the Incredible Reception!

Delta_STEREO_launchI know I always seem so excited, but its because I am! We had a fantastic few weeks and I wanted to get the opportunity to share it with you all. We decided to rip off the clothes of Udemy on May 11. We talked to a bunch of reporters who write for blogs we love and they were kind enough to cover us. Here’s a partial list of what people said:

TechCrunch – ““one of the most compelling features is Udemy Live”

VentureBeat – “A new kind of online classroom experience”

ReadWriteWeb – “online learners are certain to benefit… from Udemy”

Mashable – “Udemy offers an experience that rivals the real classroom”

Silicon Alley Insider – “Enables anyone to teach online”

Vator.tv – “an open platform which lets users teach or learn from one another online”

Under30CEO – “Udemy is Building a Virtual Classroom”

More importantly, it seems like many educators really enjoyed coming to visit the platform. We were thrilled with the response! Here are some quotes from all the e-mails we received:

“Udemy allows us to teach in a way we never could before”

“Finding out about Udemy today might just be the answers to my prayers”

“Thank You! LOVE LOVE what you have done here.”

“I will be posting classes soon! Thank you for creating this marvelous website”

Thanks to everyone for all your support. We’re still early and have a long ways to go, but the response has been fantastic so far!