Updating your LinkedIn profile with completed Udemy courses and certifications has never been easier! By joining forces with LinkedIn, Udemy gives its members the ability to easily update their profile, and share their professional achievements with employers and the LinkedIn network – potentially assisting them in finding a new job, transitioning to a new industry or landing a promotion.

LinkedIn’s Direct-to-Profile Certifications pilot program is the first step in helping LinkedIn members seamlessly update their online learning accomplishments. Udemy will help you get recognized for your achievements by sending you an email after you’ve completed a course. This email will contain a link to an automatically populated certification or course field on LinkedIn, complete with your course title and the name of your course provider – Udemy. Once you hit ‘Save,’ you’ll see your completed course work appear on your LinkedIn profile.

We’re helping all 1.5 million Udemy users keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date with completed professional skills courses and industry-recognized certificates (such as, PMP, CISCO and Six Sigma). LinkedIn’s newly launched pilot program highlights the importance of online career advancements and acknowledges individual achievements made outside formal education.

LinkedIn Certifications Field

“LinkedIn recognizes the increasing ability of online learning to advance careers, and as a global learning and teaching marketplace, Udemy can help immensely in professional development by connecting people with quality educational content from experts around the world that can give them an edge,” said Dennis Yang, President of Udemy.

“LinkedIn and Udemy recognize that one way to close the skills gap is to more closely match employer needs with a professional’s competencies, which is where LinkedIn adds real value with its data on employers, job openings and professionals. We’re excited about this relationship because it gives our users a powerful, dynamic way to differentiate themselves in the job market and from their peers,” said Yang.

For more information, read LinkedIn’s announcement here.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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