Udemy Wins VatorSplash – Top Award out of 10 Great Startups!

Screen shot 2010-05-28 at 4.40.39 PMWe’re trying as hard as possible to get the word out here at Udemy, and it looks like its working! Folks are starting to get excited about Udemy and that just makes us more excited.

One example is the group of top-flight entrepreneurs, VC’s, and technology industry executives at VatorSplash. Vator.tv, which is a popular technology news and video publishing site, held the event and it was fantastic. Some of the best VC’s and Angel investors in the planet were present, including Jeff Clavier, Howard Hartenbaum, Raj Kapoor and Jeremy Liew.

team_howardhartenbaum_smVatorSplash is a top-10 competition for startups worldwide. Startups apply online and the 10 most popular startups get to present on-stage during the event. Then, you have to win both the audience and judges’ votes to win the event. Udemy got through all of that and actually came home with the top prize!!!

VatorSplash is a fantastic opportunity for any startup to pitch in front of a top-tier group of industry executives, venture firms and entrepreneurs. The caliber of attendees and presenting companies was incredible and we were lucky to be there. Speakers included Tony Hsieh and Gurbaksh Chahal, who are two of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country.

To win, Udemy had to win the Audience and Judges votes and compete against 10 great companies (links below). We were lucky enough to get 37% of the vote, which was twice as much as any other company at the competition. We also won the judges votes, and they were extremely positive about our prospects!

The other companies (from Arkayne’s blog post on the subject):

Arkayne – Arkayne provides Internet marketing software that helps businesses get found online, generate more leads, and convert a higher percentage of those leads into paying customers

MindBloom Grow the life you want — where small steps inspire big change.

DormNoise is an interactive student calendar system for colleges and universities.

mytoopi aims to be a virtual market world for web designers to showcase, promote and sell their templates.

iChange – Nutrition and weight counselors providing advice via online, SMS and on the iPhone.

YouHaveIWant – Location-based, real-time matching exchange.

If you’re a website owner and want to help your readers connect with each other, Envolve just might be for you.

Pana.ma is a completely new way to use voice to engage in richer, more meaningful connections with friends, networks and the world at large.

Hey! You Up There! takes the active Tween market into the sweet spot where sports and entertainment meet television, social media and live events!

Here’s a video from the event: