Udemy wins Best in Class for its Learning Platform at the 2011 Education Innovation Summit!

Udemy is extremely proud to announce that we received the Award for Best in Class for our “Learning Platform” at the 2011 Education Summit recently held at Arizona State University.  The Education Summit brings together the most innovative stakeholders in education including public entities, non-profits and for-profits of all types and sizes.  The speakers were awesome; the people were fantastic; and, we are incredibly excited to be a part of the education revolution.

Udemy was a proud participant in this year’s 2011 Education Summit.  One of the leading events to link educators and innovators, the Summit brought together over 600 “thought leaders, education entrepreneurs, educators and investors to chart a course for an educational revolution driven by innovation.”  Equally impressive is the growth of the Summit: this year’s number of attendees is a 60 percent jump in attendance over the conference’s first year.

The Education Innovation Summit is part of the Education Innovation Network.  “The Education Innovation Network is an open innovation platform where entrepreneurs can find the resources to validate concepts, accelerate growth and reach transformative scale.”  By bringing together stakeholders from all over, the Summit seeks to support innovation in education. This year was a huge success: the Summit had 119 investors, 229 representatives from small companies, 78 representatives from large companies, and 172 attendees from the education, nonprofit, foundation or general interest sectors.

There are many challenges in education today, especially with the budget cuts.  Udemy is excited to be a part of a growing community and movement seeking to reform education through innovative approaches at all levels. The Education Summit is one of the best examples of what entrepreneurs, educators and policymakers can do if innovation is supported in education to explore creative options to solve complex problems.  We look forward to many future returns.

We were honored to win the Award for the Udemy Learning Platform.  Thank you Education Summit!

For those that were unable to attend the Summit provides a PDF  summary of the high points and further information on its website (http://edinnovation.asu.edu/events/2011-summit-recap/)

They are also digitizing videos from the event, but the keynotes are up and can be found on their blog (http://edinnovation.asu.edu/home/blog/)