Udemy now has over 600 courses + Sharing via Facebook/Twitter!

Shhh… Udemy isn’t launched yet. We’ve had no PR and have intentionally kept Udemy to a closed community of high quality educators, investors and friends. We’ll be unveiling Udemy more publicly soon (read: PR and Marketing efforts), but for now, we’ve got some great new updates.

Udemy now has over 600 academic courses. By taking advantage of free open source content, we have filled our library with high-quality lectures from Stanford, Yale, MIT and IAS. We’ll continue to add more educational videos and presentations to the site so you can use Udemy as a great tool for learning.

We’ll also continue to work hard to enable you to build your own course and we’ve got some fantastic teachers and partners lined up for launch!

We recently added Facebook Connect and other social sharing features to help promote Udemy courses. Facebook connect will make it easier for students and educators to access Udemy. The sharing features, including Twitter, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon and MySpace, will help students and educators promote the courses they find. Our hope is that you’ll soon see a plethora of Tweets and wall posts about cool stuff people have found on Udemy.