Udemy is on Alltop!!!

Udemy is pleased to announce that we are now featured on Alltop®!  The Udemy Blog was recently accepted as part of the Alltop® network -“the ‘online magazine rack’ of the web.”  You can find us here in the Education section.  Alltop® provides a fantastic opportunity for us to share our information, interviews and posts with a larger community about online education and how technology is making education more accessible to everyone.  We are really excited to be a member of the Alltop® network.

Founded by Guy Kawasaki, the former chief evangelist of Apple, Alltop® “[collects] the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic.  [Alltop®] group[s] these collections — “aggregations” — into individual web pages.  Then [displays] the five most recent headlines of the information sources as well as their first paragraph.  [Alltop’s] topics run from adoption to zoology with photography, food, science, religion, celebrities, fashion, gaming, sports, politics, automobiles, Macintosh, and hundreds of other subjects along the way.”

The Udemy Blog is part of Udemy.  Udemy “enables anyone to create an online course. Our goal is to provide our teachers with everything they could possibly need to create a great learning experience over the Internet.”  The Udemy Blog covers key issues in the online technology space and the reformation in education through technology.  Posts cover insightful changes in the education space and interviews with some of the leading entrepreneurs in education.

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