Udemy is proud to introduce its newest series of interviews with online instructors. In this second installment, we have Lucian Apostol. Lucian teaches the popular course How to Run a Website with WordPress on Udemy. He can also be found on his website.  In this interview, Lucian talks about being an instructor and his motivation.

1. Can you tell us a little about your background and why you created How to run a website with WordPress course on Udemy?

I always wanted to learn more than I was supposed to, and this provided me more knowledge than my High School colleagues. I was in a position where I had a lot of knowledge to share with my peers and people around me got used to ask me whenever they wanted to know something. I was wasting a lot of time explaining the same thing to more people and I decided that I should do something to reduce the amount of time spent to tell many times the same thing. I created a local blog and whenever someone asked me something that I’ve already answered I just sent the link to him. If they asked me something I never answered, I was trying to write that in a nice form to publish it on my blog. Despite the blog never got to be very popular, it helped a lot of people to solve their issues or to learn something new. I earned a lot of praises among my friends or other people.

Since I discovered WordPress I was impressed of its potential and how easy it is to set-up a website and I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. I’ve started a blog about WordPress, but I’m not impressed with the way a blog can provide information to people about learning how to use WordPress. I believe in organised information and Udemy is a place where someone who never used WordPress before can launch his website at the end of the course.

2. Your course is very popular and you have quite a few followers, what do you most enjoy about teaching online?

I believe online teaching is the future of Education. While the Education process is very complex and one will need more than a video course to get deep into a subject, the online teaching can save a lot of teachers time because they won’t need to say the same thing over and over again to so many students and he can focus on teaching them how to find the tools available to learn more, to find answers they look and to explain them some concepts they are unable to understand.

3. What trends do you see in blogging for the future?

There is a lot of information created every day, too much for what we need so blogs will need to organize the information better so they can stand out from the crowd. Despite there is good when you search for something and you find at least one who had the same problem as you have, the most popular bloggers will be those where you can learn something from scratch. And you can’t do this only by reading random articles.

4. What tools would you like to see in online education to help improve the experience for instructors and students?

The online education needs more interactivity between teachers and students. They both need some advice when they get stuck. The interactivity between studends is a great deal because they can learn from each other and to collaborate to do something bigger. To sum it up, I think the online education should be more social.

5. Do you plan on expanding your course to other blogging platforms?

I am eager to try anything that can improve the way people learn online, but in the short term my plans are to find new ways to better organize the information. I’m talking here about something that is a lot different than a simple book, I’m looking for a way to offer to students different paths for learning depending on what they are looking for and what they are used to in terms of learning.

*** You can learn how to build a website with WordPress with Lucian’s course on Udemy. ***

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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