A happy 2019 from Udemy for Business! We’re excited for all the new learning opportunities in store for you and your employees this new year. As we look forward to 2019, we wanted to highlight a few noteworthy product updates that enabled Udemy for Business to help organizations and employees worldwide achieve their learning & development goals this past year.

At Udemy for Business, our goal of helping employees do whatever comes next is central to product development. In 2018, we focused on creating more engaging learning experiences for employees through personalization, accessibility, and by adding more robust learning management capabilities.

Here are some highlights:

A personalized learning experience through Smart Recommendations

By utilizing the billions of learning interactions created by the 30 million users on Udemy and Udemy for Business, we help identify what employees should learn next through Smart Recommendations. We surface highly relevant and personalized content recommendations, so that learners not only deepen their skill expertise but have the opportunity to expand their areas of knowledge as well. This, in turn, lightens the burden on L&D professionals to surface relevant courses to learners at scale. Tailoring the learning experience for the individual learner creates a continuous and engaging experience. To read more about why personalization is the future of L&D, visit here.

Learning anytime, anywhere

As employees are connected to their smartphones/tablets more than ever—according to Google Insights, 71% of the world population has a mobile device—learning needs to be accessible to employees wherever they are. With major improvements to the Udemy for Business Android and iOS app, you can now seamlessly stream our collection of 3,000+ courses from your phone and even download content to view in offline mode. Employees can easily cast courses through Apple TV or Chromecast in the comforts of their home, making learning an essential part of their lives.

Robust Admin management

From surfacing critical data to help Admins understand adoption trends and behaviors, to advanced learning management, we also focused on building tools to help Admins drive effective learning.

Extending the responsibility of learning through Group Admins

Getting managers or those most familiar with employee goals involved in the learner experience can make a big impact—which is why we released the Group Admin role. Group Admins can track and measure the learning performance of their team to provide a more personalized approach to driving learning adoption. Group Admins can explain why enrolling in certain courses is important for the individual team member’s professional development—making learning much more relevant and personalized. By sharing the responsibility of learning with Group Admins, you can increase the awareness and adoption of your learning programs. Because Group Admins understand the needs of their team members on a deeper level, they are empowered to encourage their teams to start learning at the right moment. See 6 Ways Managers Can Help Drive Learning.

Moving skills forward into 2019

As learning trends continue to evolve with the changing workplace, we’re here to partner with learning professionals to put L&D at the center of their organization. We empower global companies with the tools and resources to move skills forward for employee development and the success of the company. We will continue to put learners at the heart of what we do, creating engaging experiences for an immersive learning journey. Furthermore, through our dynamic content model, the Udemy for Business collection of 3,000+ courses will continue to grow and cover the most pertinent and sought-after content in soft skills, technical skills, and business essentials. We are excited to take learning to new heights in 2019 and look forward to continuing our partnership with organizations around the world.

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