The Udemy course on modScreen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.49.32 AMern human resources taught by Josh Bersin, principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, is now available as a mobile app. The New HR: 21st Century Talent Management launched in August and already has about 2,500 students enrolled. By extending the course to mobile, users have another convenient option for learning on the go and on the job. The free app is available to Android users in the Google Play store.

For companies looking to engage with their employees, mobile is no longer a nice add-on, but mandatory, according to recent research from Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. Employees are two to five times more likely to access HR applications on their phones and tablets than on their PCs, according to Bersin’s research. In response to this research, the Bersin mobile app was created to enable users to learn on their devices whenever and wherever they want, not just on their PCs. The course remains available via the Udemy marketplace, and it is offered as part of Udemy’s corporate learning platform, Udemy for Business.

“Our own data shows that 30 percent of Udemy for Business users access courses on mobile devices,” said Paul Sebastien, vice president and general manager of Udemy for Business. “With HR professionals already consuming Bersin’s course in droves, this app will prove extremely popular and helpful to our users. This mobile app reinforces Udemy’s commitment to enabling customers to learn the skills they need when and where they want, so they can stay competitive in their fields.”

Udemy for Business is the only company that offers a comprehensive and highly customizable online training solution that allows users to learn from industry experts and create their own courses. Companies can get instant access to a suite of more than 800 high-quality, cutting-edge courses including Bersin’s, and they can create their own proprietary training courses. Innovative companies including Optimizely, 1-800 Flowers, IBM, Datalogix, Pitney Bowes, Oracle, Pepsi, and thousands more rely on Udemy to get and stay competitive in today’s fast-moving, technology-driven market landscape.

“We now live in a ‘mobile first’ reality and engaging employees in this new landscape is one of the main challenges I address in my research,” said Bersin. “The opportunity for HR professionals to take the course on a mobile app not only makes it easier to consume, but will also show first-hand the impact mobile engagement can make in their own professions. Udemy has made it easy for me to extend my content across more channels, so I can help even more professionals learn the new skills they need.”

Acquired by Deloitte Consulting LLP in 2013, Bersin by Deloitte is a leading provider of research-based membership programs and advisory services in the HR, talent and learning market. The organization works closely with executives at successful companies to help improve organizational performance through learning and HR initiatives.


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