Types of Perms for Your Hair

types of permsRemember back in the eighties when curls, were the hairstyle to have? Believe it or not, 100% of girls had curls back then as perms, crimpers and curlers were everywhere, and straighteners were totally out. And why shouldn’t the girls back then love their curls when it brought waves, volume and life to their hair. And social life. These days, which is approximately three decades later, women everywhere are starting to realize how much the eighties rocked and everything retro is back in fashion.

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Whether you are that girl who rocked curls in the eighties or you just love eighties fashion, you will know how much of a hassle it is to achieve the perfect head of curls. I mean, be honest, how many endless hours per week do you spend trying to get your hair curled perfectly? How often have you almost given your curlers away to charity? Fact—curling your hair by yourself daily is a nightmare.

So what exactly is the solution for this? If you curl your hair yourself each and every day and are not likely to change this routine anytime soon, a perm may be the perfect decision to make. Also known as a ‘permanent wave,’ perms involve hair treated with chemicals to alter its structure. With a perm, your curls won’t only last for month; you won’t have to spend hour after hour in the bathroom with curlers. Remember—the tighter the perm, the longer they last. You will have great-looking hair and you will free up a lot of precious time. Win-win! As a matter of fact you can use the extra time you now have to make some changes in your makeup routine to further enhance your features using this course.

The thing with modern day perms is that it is not just ‘one size fits all’ or in the case of perms, ‘one style fits all.’ You can choose what style and how you want to perm your hair. To complement your ‘do, here is a course about style you might find useful as well, which gives you a glimpse of how to work as a fashion stylist to the stars. As a matter of fact, there are loads of options for when it comes to which style of perm to get for yourself.  Remember there are different types of perms depending on the chemicals a stylist uses and what rod type and size sets your hair. Here are different types of perms you can get.

Stacked Perms

This type of perm works a lot better when a woman has hair all in one length compared to those that have a layered cut. As a matter of fact, you get a lot of volume added to your tresses when you opt to have a stacked perm done. As a general rule, this suits every type of face shape. A stacked perm is when a stylist concentrates on curling just your hair ends and creates the illusion of layers; As a result, this gives your hair intense volume.

Root Perms

This type of perm is perfect for women with lifeless, limp, and flat hair. As suggested by its name, this style involves a perm on just the roots of hair, giving your head of hair a lot of body and volume. This in turn lifts the rest of your locks and if what you want is a bit of life on your hair, a root perm is just the thing. Actually, this is perfect for giving your short tresses an incredibly retro, fashionable look.

Partial Perm

This is done when you want a few hair sections permed but other sections kept straight. This is a great style for people who want to look cutting edge cool, and it a perm full of personality.

Multi-Textured Perms

Worried about an unnatural looking perm with just too much uniformity?  Multi-textured perms may be the perfect solution for you. These are created using 2 styling rods of different sizes. This means that the curls end up in varied sizes throughout your locks. This style is believed to look more natural compared to the defined, uniform curls you would otherwise get. Due to this perm’s nature, it is recommended for women with longer hair.

Spot Perm

Also known as plain curl perms, a spot perm focuses on curling specific hair sections. Generally, these are used to help in achieving a specific style, such as curling just the midsection of your hair or only the ends. With plain curl perms or spot perms, you can opt to either have loose or tight curls. The result? Waves that look natural depending on what section you decided to have permed.

Body Wave Perm

When hair volume is what you are after, a body wave perm is for you. Generally, these are suited with persons with flat or thin hair and the curls will tend to be larger on naturally straight-haired women. This type of perm produces a gentle wave and loose curls which is great for adding a bit of life and loads of volume to dull hair. It is great for people with shoulder-length or longer tresses. Since this type of perm softens facial features, it tends to suit people with square faces.

Spiral Perms

Long perming rods are used to create this look. The end result is either ringlets or absolutely tight curls that cascade. These look like corkscrews or tightly wound spirals. Naturally, the tightness of the curls depends on which perming rod size is used as well as the type of perming chemical. Mostly, these factors will vary from one salon to the next. Ask for pictures before you take the leap so that you get an idea of how your hair will look beforehand.

A Note on Perm Care

Now that you know the types of perms, it is only right that you know how to care for them. First, it is not a good idea to wash your hair within 24 hours after you get your perm done. I repeat: Don’t. Do. It. If you do, the chemicals get deactivated before your perm has had a chance to achieve some permanency (get it? Perm=Permanent?) Thus, if you do take a bath before the 24 hour time minimum, your hair will return to its exact previous state. This is not just a waste of money but of precious time as well!

Also, there are special conditioners and shampoos that you can use to care for your perm. These help you have longer lasting perms that look more vibrant, like you just got out of the salon. Every. Day.  Perms can last from between 2 to 6 months so care for yours wisely to give it a great chance of survival.

So that’s it! Enjoy choosing the perm you want and have fun with your new style. Be sure to do some hair experiments, as well.  After all, just because your hair has loads of volume at the moment does not mean you can’t do your old hairdos or use your favorite hair accessories.  Here is a great article on hairstyles for curly hair that you might want to look into. Happy perming! If you found this article useful, you might want to look into this course that shows you what you can do in terms of makeup to add to your already stylish hair. Hey, why not? Now that you have started on the road to changing your hair, you might as well apply the perfect makeup that further enhances your features.