Types of Cakes Sold in Bakeries and Other Businesses

types of cakeshere are a lot of types of cakes and if you’re interesting in becoming a professional cake maker then you have a lot of culinary exploring ahead of you. Typically, a bakery is the small business that is the place most people visit to buy a professionally decorated cake, but grocery stores and other businesses now make cakes, too.

Wedding Cakes

Making wedding cakes is a very big business in every city. It is one thing at a wedding that the bride and groom want to be spectacular and perfect. There are so many types of wedding cakes!  There are wedding cakes that are just decorated sheet cakes and the cake styles go all the way up to several tiers or layers with columns in between.

Of course, decorations mean everything on cakes, especially wedding cakes. Many cakes are simply and elegantly decorated with flowers and have marzipan or other frosting type of designs. Most wedding cakes will have figurines on top to represent the bride and groom, but many people are opting for more elaborately designed cakes instead. Some wedding cakes will look more like modeled scenes now instead of traditional bride and groom type of cakes.

Pound Cakes

You can’t talk about the different types of cakes without mentioning the ever popular pound cake. Pound cakes are very dense cakes, but extremely moist. They are the next best thing to eating cream but it is still just a cake. Pound cakes are so moist and rich that they don’t have frosting on them, usually. Sometimes there is just a drizzle of icing and that is it.

What makes these cakes so rich and tasty is that they are made with a lot of butter and a lot of eggs. This makes this dreamy cake just melt in your mouth. Another popular feature of this type of cake is that it is usually made with some sort of fruit juice. You don’t usually see chocolate pound cakes, you usually see lemon or orange pound cakes, though.

To frost a pound cake you usually don’t use traditional frosting like you would use on a devil’s food cake. Pound cakes are perfectly acceptable presented plain without any frosting at all. Most of the time they have a flavored, thin icing drizzled all over the top of the cake. This icing is made by blending orange juice with powdered sugar until you get a runny consistency then you immediately drizzle the icing onto the top of the cake. The sides of the cake are left plain without frosting.

Angel Food Cakes

Angel food cakes are another type of cake that requires a lot of eggs. Really, this cake is all about eggs. It is typically just a mix of about a dozen egg whites, flour and sugar. The eggs act as leavening and the cake rises high in a tub pan. There isn’t any baking powder or other leavening in the cake, because the eggs provide all the leavening that is needed.

Angel food cake is a very light and incredibly sweet cake that is never frosted. Instead of frosting, an angel food cake is meant to have a sweet sauce poured on it. It is common to use this type of cake for strawberry shortcake instead of using the traditional biscuit. The cake will soak up a lot of the juice from the strawberry mixture and make for an exquisite dessert. Other popular angel food cake toppings include custard, pudding and caramel.

Angel food cakes can be tricky to bake because they are so fragile. This cake can easily cave in just because someone made a loud noise in the kitchen while the cake was baking. A lot of care must be taken to make sure there are no loud noises or banging going on while you are making this type of cake.

Spice Cakes

Spice cakes are also sometimes referred to as an apple sauce cake. These cakes are rich, sweet and have a lot of spices added to them. Typically these cakes have apple sauce as one of the main ingredients and that is what makes them so moist. Spices that are added might be allspice, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. They are usually not frosted and served plain or with a drizzled icing on it to dress it up a bit.


Fruitcakes are not cakes with some fruit added, they are a special cake that is made with nuts and candied fruits. Originally they were called Stollen and were made in the middle ages for Christmas. There are variations, but usually there is more candied, rum soaked fruit and nuts in them than there is batter. Many families still make these cakes today in the USA for the Christmas holiday. They are made a couple of months in advance and cured in orange juice, sugar or rum until the holiday arrives.

Fruitcakes are not purchased from bakeries usually. They are sort of a nut cake and bread hybrid. They are made by families or bakeries that specialize just in fruitcakes and food filled holiday gift baskets. The ongoing joke is that there is no one who actually likes fruit cake.  There is really only one fruitcake and people keep gifting it to someone else each year.

Ice Cream Cake

The ice cream cake reached a height of popularity during the 1990s. You can still buy them today at some ice cream shops and grocery stores. The ice cream cake is genius really. It combines the all-time favorite dessert of cake and ice cream right into the cake itself!  A thin sheet cake is made with a jelly roll pan and cooled. Then softened ice cream is spread across the cold, thin cake. The cake is then rolled up jelly roll style. Many times these types of cakes are frosted and decorated just like regular cakes. You can also get this type of cake layered with cake and ice cream and decorated with fun frosting designs.

Bundt Cake

The Bundt cake is a coffee cake style of cake that is made in a cake ring, called a Bundt pan. This type of cake is dryer than most moist types of cakes and is meant to accompany coffee for daytime social gatherings. It is frosted by drizzling thin icing on top, a dusting of powdered sugar or by baking with a crumb type of topping.

This type of cake is baked upside down. So, the topping goes into the bottom of the pan first and then the batter is added. When the cake is done it is turned out upside down onto the serving plate.

Batter Cake

The batter cake is the usual every day cake we think of as cake. White cake, devil’s food cake, yellow cake or confetti cake are all batter cakes. They are made with milk, flour, eggs, flavoring and sometimes butter. These cakes are usually loaded with frosting and decorations. An entire industry has been built around these types of cakes. You can purchase a lot of different types of frosting based decorations and supplies to decorate them. There are even dolls and other toys that are used to decorate these cakes for special occasions. Of course, there is a huge variety of candles you can buy to decorate these cakes for someone’s birthday.

Batter cakes can be layered cakes or they can be made in a sheet pan. They are light and fluffy and usually involve a great deal of heavy frosting. The frosting is mostly sugar with water or milk and has a little bit of butter or oil added to it to make it a creamy consistency.


Brownies are a heavy and very sweet chocolate cake that is cut into small squares for serving. Sometimes brownies are frosted and sometimes they are not. Usually a brownie is rich and moist on its own, but sometimes it is marbled with a cheese cake type of filling to add some variety. Nuts are an optional addition. Every child has his or her favorite type of brownie. Some families make other varieties of brownies that are unusual like the peanut butter brownies, coconut brownies or butterscotch brownies.

Chocolate Flourless Cake

The chocolate flourless cake is the ultimate in cake. It is so good that it is almost not cake at all. The recipe consists of eggs, butter, chocolate, sugar and vanilla. There is no flour in the recipe at all. It is like a combination of fudge and a soufflé, but somehow it is still cake. This exquisite cake is the ultimate desire of every chocolate lover and they will squeal with delight if they ever have a surprise sighting of this culinary delight.

Getting Into the Cake Making Business

Whether you want to start a bakery or a cookie and pastry shop, there are a lot of different types of cakes that you can make to sell. If gourmet cooking and making cakes is your dream, there is always a high demand for sugary treats so you will never have a shortage of customers.