training techniquesStudies have been conducted which show a correlation between the amount of hours spent performing a task and becoming a master at it.  In order to have the best team possible you as a manager and trainer need to be ready to commit a countless amount of time and energy into your team.  Then, and only then, will they be able to work in the best and most efficient way possible for you.  The role of management has changed in recent years.  Previously a good manager may have been described as someone who was able to have their employees listen to them (mostly out of the fear of being fired), a high profit margin with low employee overhead, and managers usually knew everything about everything.  Not having to rely on key employees for help since this may have been seen as a sign of weakness.  I grew up working in the hospitality industry and have had my share of tyrannical bosses.  There was the one who knew everything, the one who didn’t know anything (but acted like they did know everything), the one who would sit in the office all night long and let the service staff fend for themselves, and then, then, came the manager who actually stopped to have a meeting with the service staff before each shift.  I will refer to this manager as the Modern Manager from this point on.

The Modern Manager did things completely differently than previous managers I had worked with.  They held pre-shift meetings and quizzed us on the appetizer they had in their hands.  What ingredients are in it?  How much is it?  They reviewed with us in a way that we could interact and enticed us to participate by sharing the appetizer when we got the answers right.  Modern Manager took the time to develop the staff by leading by example.  Learn more about simple leadership tools that you can teach every member of your staff with our Simple Leadership Tools for Every Team Member course.

Modern Manager was a great leader.   Not only because he fed us (although that didn’t hurt morale), he was a leader who would lead from the front.  He wiped tables for us when it was busy, took orders if he needed to, and looked at every moment and mistake as a teachable one.  I always feel like I worked harder for Modern Manager, had a better shift and made more money without ever really feeling like I was working hard at all.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that Modern Manager had his staff development skills down!  If you want to be your staffs Modern Manager it’s time to evaluate your personal and professional development skills, this course on professional development will show you how.  I decided to pursue  a career in Hospitality Management in order to be the type of manager that could have a staff of my own and train them the way that I was trained.  Passing on the management skills that I had learned became important to me.  If you’ve ever thought about what it takes to get into the hospitality field, the Hospitality Supervision and Leadership course is definitely worth checking out.  I wanted to be the type of leader to my staff that Modern Manager was for me.

training techniques

Every manager will do things differently.  That doesn’t mean that one manager does things better, it means that there are different ways of accomplishing tasks that may result in the same outcome.  Take a moment to think about the different management types you have encountered during your years as an employee.  Odds are that some of the best managers that you have worked with are those that have made you feel as though you were working as a team and not a subordinate.  Develop your team in the same way that Modern Manager developed his and make your team the best that they can be with these training methods.

Let Your Team be Your Guide

One of the most important things to remember as a manager is that your success as a manager depends on your staff.  Giving team members the tools that they need to succeed in the company will make them happier employees and will reduce your employee turnover rate.  A reduction in turnover means a lower cost that the company will have to spend on recruiting, hiring, and training new employees.  Leading from the front shows your staff that you are not better than the team, you are part of the team.  Modern Manager led from the front not only by taking initiative, but by teaching us and growing our skills.  He realized that the more he grew his team, the more ownership they took in their jobs.  Learn to become a trusted and respected leader by enrolling in this great tutorial on “leading from the front”.  The more time that you spend with your staff, the easier it will become to identify which staff members may have an interest in being developed to be key employees within the company.  As soon as you find them, develop them.  Train them and give them more responsibilities, they will thank you and have pride in the work that they are doing.  You will also have the opportunity to develop them with your training approach which should be to help and appreciate others.  Work as a team and accomplish more than you would if you each worked individually.

training techniques

Tell, Show, Do, Review

Tell, Show, Do, and Review.  This training technique is as simple as it sounds.  But, man is it effective!  Everyone learns differently and by incorporating all four methods you can be sure that all team members will take something away from your example.

Tell: Explain to your team the task that needs to be completed.  Tell them why it needs to be completed and your goals to complete the task.

Show: Do a demo.  Demonstrate how the task will be completed.  Engage other team members and have them participate in the demonstration.  Team members who are visual learners may grasp the concept better once the task has been demonstrated.

Do: Break your team into groups and have them practice completing the task together.  This technique encourages team work and problem resolution.  Some team members may be able to grasp the concept better once they have had a chance to tackle it hands on as well.

Review: Once all teams have completed their practice exercises, review how each team completed their task.  This gives everyone the opportunity to see that there are many ways to obtain the same outcome.  Have the team ask questions and review with them what they may have learned from how the other teams completed their task.

training techniques

Never Stop Learning

Realize and accept that you will never be the best and that it’s OK.  Every moment and mistake is a teachable one.  The key is to identify these moments and learn from them.  Use your staff to learn how you can improve and then pass on those skills to them.  Take mistakes and turn them around and ask yourself how you can prevent the same mistake from occurring again.  Then, take a moment to have a staff meeting and review the mistake with your staff to ensure that you are all on the same page.

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