tourism careersWhat’s more fun than a vacation? Just taking some time to get away from it all by visiting nearby or exotic locales, relaxing at a beautiful resort or spending some time at a favorite amusement park? There is a lot more than meets the eye at your preferred vacation spot, with an entire staff standing by to ensure that guest needs are met and memories are made. If you love to travel and see the sights, why not make a rewarding career out of that passion?

The hospitality, travel, and tourism industry is a multifaceted industry with many opportunities for an individual hoping to bridge the gap between leisure and work time with a career in that field. Of course, it takes a unique personality to grab a foothold in the hospitality industry, but if you have a passion for travel, a sense of humor, and excellent organization skills, there are a number of tourism careers out there, calling your name, just waiting for you to dive in. Before you consider plunging feet first into the high-energy, busy, and rewarding field of hospitality, travel, and tourism, however, you should take a moment to craft your resume with the assistance of a career professional. With that out of the way, you’re ready to pack your bags and set out on a brand new adventure: landing one of many exciting tourism careers!

Come Fly With Me: Careers In Air Travel

There is something special about traveling by airplane. Who doesn’t remember their first plane ride; rife with anticipation and excitement? Air travel is a study in careful coordination from takeoff to touchdown, and there are many tourism careers that fall under the umbrella of aviation and air travel. Are any of them right for you?

Cabin Crew 

The Job: 

Cabin crew members, or flight attendants, are often the face of air travel. Flight attendants are deeply knowledgeable and well trained individuals whose duties include:

Do You Have What it Takes? 

If you’re thinking of becoming a flight attendant, you’ll have to first make sure that you meet a number of requirements, keeping in mind that requirements will typically vary by airline:

 The Perks: 

As with requirements, perks will vary by airline, but there is one major one that just can’t be ignored: traveling! If you love to travel, a career as a flight attendant is definitely for you, with opportunities to travel internationally.

The Pay: $66,530


The Job:

While flying an airplane from point A to point B is arguably the most important part of air travel, a pilot’s job starts long before the cockpit. A pilot is responsible for:

Do You Have What It Takes? 

Being a pilot is easily one of the most exciting tourism careers, but first you’ve got to ensure that you’re prepared. Here’s a list of basic pilot requirements:

 The Perks:

Piloting perks are varied an numerous: besides travelling as a means of income, many airlines offer their pilots extensive leisure travel benefits as well as sundry items that include free meals, uniforms, and hotel stays.

The Pay: (Captain or Pilot In Command/Large Jet) $120,416

Anchors Aweigh: Careers in Seafaring

Cruising is a favorite way to vacation, as many cruises offer all-inclusive packages alongside the gorgeous ports of call. There’s a cruise for every traveler, too, with options for families, couples, and seniors.

Cruise Director 

The Job: 

A cruise line’s activity coordinator is the person “in the know” when it comes to ship activities and events. The activity coordinator is responsible for all aspects of a cruise ship’s onboard entertainment including:

Do You Have What It Takes? 

The cruise director position is multifaceted and demanding. Of course, this means a lot of excitement, but it also means a lot of responsibility. Could you handle the crazy world of cruise directing?

 The Perks: 

Let’s start with the obvious: 24/7 cruising! Yes, the job is demanding, but you will have opportunities for downtime, and it helps to be the person who knows everyone on board. Depending on your employer, you can also expect great travel benefits and discounted leisure cruise tickets.

The Pay: $66,000

 Cruise Ship Casino Dealer 

The Job: 

Among the many options for onboard entertainment, many cruise lines offer casino games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat for adults looking to try their luck. These tables must be staffed with people who:

Do You Have What it Takes? 

If the idea of being a professional blackjack dealer sounds like a sweet gig, and you look positively dapper in a dressy vest, then do a quick check to ensure that you meet the basic requirements:

 The Perks: 

If you love meeting new people every day, cruise ship casino work is one of the tourism careers that you should consider. Like the cruise director, casino workers can expect to work hard and play hard with perks that include discounted cruise tickets and time off at certain ports of call.

The Pay: $43,200

Firmly Grounded: Other Careers in Hospitality

Hotel Manager

The Job: 

Hotel managers know their stuff when it comes to hospitality. They are responsible for running the day to day operations of many types of lodging venues including hotels, resorts, and motels, and thrive on guest satisfaction by:

 Do You Have What it Takes? 

The duties of the hotel manager extend to a number of responsibilities and require a certain set of qualifications, including:

 The Perks: 

Hotel managers usually work for hotels and resorts with many branches. For this reason, one of the main perks are deep discounts and partner and subsidiary hotels. Have management position, will travel!

The Pay: $97,475


The Job: 

Many hotels, resorts, and spas employ a team of knowledgeable masseurs to help guests make the most of their relaxing time off by:

 Do You Have What it Takes? 

As we’ve mentioned, masseurs are highly trained individuals; if you want to begin a career in massage therapy, there are a number of requirements you’ll need to meet:

 The Perks: 

Masseurs that are employees of a designated hotel and spa can typically expect to reap the discounts and benefits that the parent company offers the rest of its employees. Additionally, while masseurs must be  professional at all times, the massage environment is typically a more relaxed and casual one.

The Pay: $35,000

There are so many tourism careers for the travel-minded individual, that it can be difficult to know quite where to begin! In addition to the careers listed above, you can learn how to run your own venture–perhaps become an independent travel agent–with a course on building your own business paired with a little expert know how on the ins and outs of traveling. With a little determination and a lot of confidence, you’ll have your pick of rewarding tourism careers in no time!

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