Every month, the Udemy Business team analyzes and shares trends based on what employees are learning across our thousands of customers around the world. With access to billions of data points, we can provide a unique perspective on the most in-demand job skills. We look at both the soft skills and technical skills modern employees need to thrive in today’s dynamic workforce. And we explore how organizations can tie learning to business outcomes.

Without further ado, here are skills that matter most to the global workforce in July 2021.

Top skills for July 2021


Superstar individual contributors are often promoted into management roles. But it takes an entirely new skill set to succeed as a people manager. And when employees don’t know how to manage effectively, they can default to micromanagement, focusing on weaknesses, or providing limited or no feedback. Recent research from Forrester places emphasis on developing managers’ coaching skills. Coaching and mentoring are also highly valued skills among Generation Z employees, the youngest workforce members. 

System design interview

System design interview preparation is a top trending tech skill globally and within the US. It’s a type of technical interview that allows job candidates to prove their real-life skills. Perhaps the growing interest in this skill ties in with another trend we’ve heard about recently: The Great Resignation. Large numbers of employees who stayed at the same job during the pandemic say they’re ready to hand in their notice. And preparing for that next job interview might give them the confidence boost they need. 

Data shows the increase in consumption between June and July 2021 on Udemy Business

Top skills in select countries for July 2021

While there’s no clear frontrunner when it comes to a top skill that’s trending worldwide, there are a few notable trends. The popularity of data science in Brazil, data modeling in Spain, and business analytics in Japan show the global trend of developing data literacy

Similarly, the interest in Google Cloud Pro Architect in India, Google Cloud Associate Engineer in Canada, and AWS certified developer associate in Australia highlight the increasing reliance on cloud technology. This isn’t the first time we’ve noted a growing awareness of “cloud fluency” and its benefits. This topic also came up in our June 2021 workplace learning news roundup.

Data shows the increase in consumption between June and July 2021 on Udemy Business

Skills required for the future of work and today

So there you have it — the most in-demand job skills for July 2021.

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