Every month, the Udemy for Business team analyzes and shares trends based on what employees are learning across our thousands of customers around the world. With access to billions of data points, we can provide a unique perspective on the most in-demand job skills (both soft skills and technical skills) modern employees need to thrive in today’s dynamic workforce and how organizations can tie learning to business outcomes.

Without further ado, here are skills that matter most to the global workforce in February 2021.

Top skills for February 2021

Data shows the increase in consumption between Jan and Feb 2021 on Udemy for Business.

CRISC and cybersecurity

Cybersecurity was a major concern prior to the pandemic. But when the global workforce suddenly needed to work from home, away from the protection of secure office networks, cyberthreats took on a whole new meaning. The skills required to strengthen an organization from attacks were in high demand last year. And with the surge of demand for CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) training, it’s safe to say cybersecurity professionals are doubling down by learning how to better identify and manage enterprise-level threats to their business.

Resilience and meaningful work

2020 was a tumultuous year of ups and downs. But while it may feel the worst is behind us, the events that transpired showed us that employee development should go beyond job-related skills. Resilience courses saw a 1,296% increase between 2019 and last year. And the steady three-digit increase from January to February 2021 demonstrates that employees want to continue bringing their best selves to work.

On a related note, recent research found that the workforce is increasingly willing to take a pay cut for more meaningful work. Check out Fast Forward 2021: Why the Future of Work Needs to Be Meaningful to find out how innovative leaders are addressing the issue.

Top skills in key industries for February 2021

Data shows the increase in consumption between Jan and Feb 2021 on Udemy for Business.

Six Sigma, Docker, and Blockchain rounded out the top three skills for organizations in Financial Services, Consulting Services, and Government.

The most curious of these is the first. Six Sigma has roots in engineering and manufacturing. First introduced by Bill Smith during his tenure at Motorola and popularized by the legendary Jack Welch at General Electric. The strategies of Six Sigma are designed to identify defects in processes and improve the quality of their output.

How are finance and accounting firms leveraging Six Sigma? Digital transformation has enabled these organizations to automate a number of processes and generate data that allows them to apply the Six Sigma strategies at scale. According to Purdue, companies that have implemented the methodology have reduced the time to close their books, eliminated variability in financial reporting, and improved shareholder value.

Skills required for the future of work and today

So there you have it — the most in-demand job skills for February 2021.

Did you know? 79% of CEOs are worried about employees’ lack of skills and 60% of employees worry their current skills will be outdated in three to five years. The pace of change is too quick for you to hire people with the right skills. Today, organizations are upskilling their workforce to reduce overhead costs, maintain business continuity, and drive revenue.

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