officeadministratorjobdescription[1]eBay is a wonderful platform where you can set up business and start selling anything you like in a matter of minutes. It lets you connect with buyers all over the world, in one of the largest electronic marketplaces available today. If you’ve never used eBay before, you can learn how to sell on this platform in under two hours in this great course

Once you know how to sell, how do you figure out what to sell? The key to a business on eBay isn’t having a fantastic storefront, its the items you are selling. Just like in a retail store, you need to determine what it is that people want, so that you can entice them to buy from you.

All over the internet you can find the top selling items on eBay in a given month. In fact, eBay even broadcast this themselves! This guide is about more than just cashing in on five of the latest and greatest products; it will teach you how to find them yourself, before the rest of the world knows. If you can put together a strategy to consistently find the top selling items on eBay, your business will be sustainable, and successful. If you want to learn more about turning eBay into a successful business, this course will teach you everything you need to know, from finding suppliers to advice finding products – it’s worth checking out.

Often when you’re just starting out it may all seem a little bit daunting. If this is the case for you, you can learn how to start selling with just some basic secondhand items. Get your feet wet first, and once you’ve had some success, its time to get serious!

Now you’re ready to start your business, head to eBay’s website:

Explore the site

As you browse through the eBay site, you’ll notice that the words “hot” actually appear next to many of the items as you care clicking through the different categories. This flag is actually a huge opportunity for you, because it represents an auction where over thirty bids have been made on a particular product. This means that the demand for the product is outweighing the supply, and if you can find a wholesaler selling the products for cheaper than the current bid price you may have found your first product – with an eager customer base that’s ready to buy!

Do your Research

eBay helps you here because their site details every past listing (by category), along with the sale price. You can look back and see the trend on the prices, but it can take a little time. In the top right hand corner of the eBay site you’ll see the word “advanced.” Click this, and it takes you to a search page where you can search for specific items. Put in the keywords of the item you’re looking for, and make sure you select “Completed Listings.” You’ll see what the items have sold for in the past, to help you understand the market, and the margins you can make on every item.

Get the Right Tools

To make your researching easier, eBay offers a fantastic data analysis tool that’s critical if you’re planning to make this a success. It’s called eBay Marketplace Research, and is a subscription service (you do need to pay for it). The great thing about this tool is that it shows you average selling prices, helps you find the best performing keywords in your categories, allows you to track products to analyze market demand and seasonality, and helps you to determine if auction or fixed price listings will be the most profitable. Best of all, it makes it quick and easy to do an analysis, saving you time for more important tasks. There’s no better tool to help you keep track of your competition, and stay up to date with the latest top selling items. You will eventually need this data.

See What’s Popular

Browse through the list of popular eBay listings at It’s separated into different categories so you can easily find out if your potential items are going to be popular. This tool is great because its free, and provided by eBay to even show you what search terms people have been using to find the specific items (so you can tailor your ads accordingly)

Ultimately the only way to find the top selling items is to do your research. it doesn’t matter what you think will do well, because you’re ultimately not the end customer. Find out what is selling, before you start investing. A great way to start small is to go through your house and grab everything that you don’t really need. You’ll get great practice at using the site and if you do make some mistakes it’s not a problem at this early stage. Having the best feedback you can possibly get will help you build trust with new customers, you’re going to want at least a hundred positive reviews before you start trying to scale your business.

Once you start thinking about stocking products, there are two main categories of items. You have the products that always sell well and the products that are currently in fashion. The second category sells really well well at the moment because they are trendy. Often you will make more money on the fad items, but that comes with a risk that you enter the market too late.

Here are some examples of the best selling products on eBay over the long term, that remain the most popular today:

Stable Products

The best selling items on eBay are typically practical, and things that will always be needed.

Generally the stable items will provide a good income, because they will hold their market value and people will consistently buy them over time. The trendy items you can find in the popular pages or in the eBay Marketplace Research will sell for a higher profit, but you need to be conscious that their value will decline over time (think back to the crash of the Beanie Babies). Plan your strategy accordingly, and keep up with the resources that will help along the way. Study courses like how current eBay power users made millions, and implement their techniques into your business – then all you need to do is watch the sales roll in!

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