Top 100 Comic Book Heroes: Test Your Comic Book Hero Knowledge

top 100 comic book heroesWe all want someone to look up to.  Luckily, comics provide both children and adults with heroes that entertain our imagination and ignite our sense of trust in the super powers of mankind.  From protecting regular civilians to preventing ultimate universe destruction, superheroes seem to do it all. With a slew of summer blockbusters on the way packed with superhero vengeance, let’s take a look back at the top 100 comic book heroes to grace the pages of comic books and the big screen alike.

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Top 100 Comic Book Heroes

We have provided a short synopsis of the top 15 just to give you a little background on some of the most popular comic book heroes to date.

  1. Superman:  It is no surprise that Superman is the most popular superhero of all time.  Superman made his first Appearance in Action Comics #1 in June of 1938.  Since then, he has acted as the blueprint for the modern superhero. Superman reflects the potential that we all have for ultimate greatness.  He offers a glimmer of hope in circumstances that may seem grim that are grim; making him a symbol that children and adults alike can look up to.
  2. Rorschach
  3. Barbara Gordon
  4. Thing
  5. James Gordon
  6. Hulk:  The Hulk first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1 in May of 1962.  If you have ever felt green with rage, you will be able to identify with The Hulk.  The Hulk is the transformation of Dr. Bruce Banner, who is a brilliant, but deeply disturbed, man.  The Hulk has a heroic streak that remains regardless of the form that he takes.
  7. Catwoman
  8. The Spirit
  9. Professor X
  10. Raphael
  11. Jean Grey:  First appeared in X-Men #1 in September of 1963.  Although Jean Grey spends long periods going dead or missing, she has a strong influence over the X-Men franchise.  She may spend long periods dead or missing, but Jean Grey exerts an influence on the X-Men franchise.  Who knows if she will return?
  12. Yorick Brown
  13. Hellboy
  14. Wolverine:  Wolverine first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #180 in October of 1974.  Wolverine does everything from stabbing bad guys to guzzling beer and wooing women.
  15. Rick Grimes
  16. Punisher
  17. Swamp Thing
  18. Spider-Man:  Peter Parker is no stranger to the big screen, and first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 in August of 1962.  He is an easy character to relate to, as he represents the common and average guy blessed with amazing power.
  19. John Constantine
  20. Green Arrow
  21. Deadpool
  22. Tim Drake
  23. Nick Fury
  24. Jesse Custer
  25. Judge Dredd
  26. Thor:  First appeared in the Journey into Mystery #83 in August of 1962.  This God of Thunder is an Asgardian warrior who is renowned and well known across the Nine Worlds for skill in battle.  Thor is one of the most famous characters from classical mythology, and interestingly enough, is also one of the most famous superheroes today.
  27. Spawn (Simmons)
  28. The Crow
  29. Doctor Strange
  30. Cyclops
  31. Mr. Fantastic
  32. Silver Surfer
  33. Storm
  34. Martian Manhunter
  35. Hawkeye
  36. Spider Jerusalem
  37. Human Torch
  38. Dick Grayson:  Also known as Robin, the Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson first appeared in Detective Comics #38 in April of 1940.  Grayson was originally the little kid in the flaming green Speedos and pixie boots.  Grayson has gone from Robin, to Nightwing, to now Batman, and since 1940, his character has experienced substantial growth over the years.
  39. Kitty Pryde
  40. Mitchell Hundred
  41. Barry Allen
  42. Billy Batson
  43. Black Panther
  44. Aquaman
  45. Bucky Barnes
  46. Elijah Snow
  47. Iron Man:  Iron man came about in the Tales of Suspense #39 in March of 1963.  Since then, he has benefited greatly from the Hollywood movie-making craze.  However, despite Tony Stark’s  his good looks and seemingly luxurious life, Stark is a deeply troubled man who is plagued by self-loathing and has dedicated his life to building an honest legacy for the Stark name.
  48. John Stewart
  49. Hawkman
  50. The Tick
  51. Beast
  52. Booster Gold
  53. Daredevil:  Daredevil #1 first appeared in April of 1964.  The Daredevil suffers from his heroic quest more than almost any other superhero character.  Luckily, however, he is always able to picks himself up and resumes his fight.
  54. Fone Bone
  55. Blue Beetle
  56. Dashiell Bad Horse
  57. Blade
  58. Ray Palmer
  59. Gambit
  60. Invisible Woman
  61. Hank Pym
  62. Batman:  First appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May of 1939.  Batman is the only superhero without superpowers to stand alongside other greats as a part of the Justice League.  He has fought against monstrous creatures, aliens, international terrorists, and all different types of other super villains.
  63. Iron Fist
  64. Scott Pilgrim
  65. Spectre
  66. Wildcat
  67. Luke Cage
  68. Captain America:  Captain America first appeared in America Comics #1 in March of 1941.  Captain America is a patriot as his name implies and embodies the alpha and omega of inspiration in the Marvel Universe.
  69. Jonah Hex
  70. Black Widow
  71. Marv
  72. The Rocketeer
  73. Namor
  74. Dream of the Endless (Morpheus):  Morpheus made his first appearance in The Sandman #1 in January of 1989.  Morpheus is the lord of dreams and the master of stories.  This combination serves to make him one of the most powerful heroic forces in the DC Universe.  However, Morpheus is also a lonely ruler, and is constantly on a quest to ensure that his own tale will be remembered by others.
  75. Sgt. Rock
  76. Captain Britain
  77. Nightcrawler
  78. Black Canary
  79. Eric O’Grady
  80. Hal Jordan:  Otherwise known as the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan appeared in Showcase #22 in October of 1959.  The Green Lantern lives by the mantra of “No Fear”, and represents the model Green Lantern in an intergalactic police force that’s 7200-plus strong.
  81. Superboy
  82. Ka-Zar
  83. Black Lightning
  84. Michonne
  85. Renee Montoya
  86. She-Hulk
  87. Moon Knight
  88. Ghost Rider (Blaze)
  89. Cerebus
  90. Wally West:  Wally West first appeared in The Flash #110 in Dec. 1959 to Jan. 1960.  Although he was not the first or second Flash, Wally West made his impact during his time as Kid Flash.  Since then, he has made major character growth and been a member of the Teen Titans, New Teen Titans, and the Justice League.
  91. Usagi Yojimbo
  92. Donna Troy
  93. Supergirl
  94. Savage Dragon
  95. Falcon
  96. Adam Strange
  97. Nova
  98. Wonder Woman:  Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics #8 in December of 1941.  Wonder Woman became an iconic figure for female empowerment, as well as a general ambassador for peace and love.
  99. Wasp
  100. Groo

Interesting Comic Book Facts

howtodrawcomicsThe round out your comic heroes experience, here are some interesting facts about comic books that you may not have known.

  • The first modern comic book came about as “The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck” in English.  It is a 19th-century publication written and illustrated by Rodolphe Töpffer, a Swiss caricaturist.  The comic book uses the format of sequential pictures and captions, and represents one of the first interdependent combinations of images and words.
  • Comic books themselves did not see real success until 1937 with the publication of Detective Comics.  This was followed by the introduction of Superman in Action Comics a year later, who became the first comic book super hero.
  • The first anti-comic book sentiments were brought on by Sterling North in May of 1940.  The publication publically assaulted the comic book medium and accused parents of being, “guilty of criminal negligence”, for allowing their children to read comic books.
  • It was report in 1946 by Ayers Newspaper Directory, that comic book sales in the United States had out sold any other form of traditional reading books.
  • In July of 2006, the United States Postal Service released the DC Comics Super Heroes’ first commemorative stamp pane to honor America’s legendary comic book Super Heroes.  This was to recognize them not only their significant impact over American culture, but also as a true art form.
  • In terms of popularity, Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman are the three most popular American superheroes that are known today.  These superheroes have also been replicated and trans-racialized in almost every other country, culture, and language around the world.
  • Although comic books have the word “comic” in them, not all comic books are comical.  It is a modern day myth that comic books are “funny”.  This is represents a common misconception that is rooted in people’s limited exposure to comic books, and a greater exposure to punch-line friendly comic strips.
  • The world’s largest comic book collection does not belong to any real comic collector or dealer.  Instead, the world’s largest comic book collection can be found in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. The Library of Congress has over 6,000 titles and 100,000 issues of comic books.  This massive collection still continues to grow by about 200 issues each month.  The Library has been accumulating and collecting comic books since the 1930s.

A Hero for Everyone

It is clear from this extensive list that comic books are complete with action packed and marvelous super heroes.  However, comic books come in many different genres and are written for many different age groups.  If this list of the top 100 comic book heroes sparked your heroic interest, consider creating your own comic book hero with this helpful course that will show you how to draw comics and figures.