To Our Instructor Community

Udemy is dedicated to providing everyday experts with everything they need to teach online. Our diverse instructor community is the heart and soul of Udemy, and we are continually amazed by our instructors’ vast expertise, dedication to students, and passion for teaching.

We’ve heard from several of you over the last months regarding the change to our revenue share structure. We want you to know that we hear your concerns and care deeply about our instructor community. As Udemy’s instructor and student communities grow around the world, we’re committed to offering the right resources, tools and communications to support the important work done by instructors every day. We strive to be transparent and honest in all our instructor communications. We welcome feedback, comments and concerns at any time

Our goal is to build the best place for instructors to teach and for students to learn. The revenue share change Udemy made in October 2013 enabled us to make bigger investments in our marketplace, and we wanted to provide an update on our recent activities. Our revenue share was designed to reward instructors who bring new students to their Udemy course (97% revenue share to instructors who bring a new student to their Udemy course) and give Udemy the opportunity to make long-term investments in sustainable growth. We’re excited to report that we’re already beginning to see results, with Udemy’s student base growing over 50% since January 2014.

Some key investments Udemy has made in the last six months:

  • Growing our marketing team from 10 to 20 people, all with a focus on delivering results to instructors. Key positions include an Affiliate Marketing Manager (student acquisition and monetization), Instructor Account Managers, a new Instructor Support team, and additional SEO managers, just to name a few.
  • Growing our product team to deliver new features to instructors and students, including a new course-taking experience that emphasizes social interaction and drives engagement, improved instructor messaging tools, and new instructor analytics.
  • Launch and expansion of new channels, including mobile. Udemy’s new Android app is driving adoption and engagement, and ~30% of student course consumption happens on mobile. We’re also investing in existing channels, including Udemy for Organizations (enterprise content subscription) and our affiliate network partnership with Rakuten Linkshare.
  • We’re also in the early stages of making longer-term investments to take instructor success to the next level, including international expansion and Improved (and personalized!) course discovery.
  • In the next month, we will be rolling out an Instructor Council and community webinars to offer a forum for instructors to provide ongoing feedback and advise us on product feature design and community policy changes.

Ongoing Support for Instructors

Creating an online course is an intensely personal process that takes hard work and dedication, and we want to support instructors as they build great courses and connect with students around the world. Here are some of the resources provided by Udemy to all instructors:

  • Dedicated instructor support team. Email us at
  • Production advisory team offering personalized feedback throughout course creation process, from initial test videos to published courses.
  • Udemy-moderated online communities where you can connect with other instructors to get honest feedback on everything from course topics to course promotion.
  • As always, 100 percent free teaching, video, communications, and promotions tools.

The Future’s So Bright…

We couldn’t be more excited about working with our instructor community to help shape the future of online learning and teaching together. Our instructors are the true pioneers of online education, and we’re proud to help connect great instructors with students everywhere hungry for new skills.

Dennis Yang