Think And Grow Rich: A Summary Of What It Takes

think and grow rich summaryNo one wants to remain in a position where his/her earnings or income are limited and job security is uncertain. The best way to avoid that situation is to become independently wealthy. You can always move to Alaska and look for gold, or you can buy that swamp land your brother-in-law has been trying to sell you in Louisiana and dig for oil. Well, of course, these things are unlikely to happen, so that means it’s time for you to think and grow rich on your own!

Again, easier said than done. There are zillions of books out there now and being written even this minute on getting rich; people go on national tours and charge people to hear them touting their get-rich methods; and plenty of infomercials are on in the wee hours of the morning claiming their get-rich schemes will work, too. Well, if there were even one tried-and-true formula, a lot more people would be millionaires now, wouldn’t they?

Any single think-and-grow-rich summary would have to include the investment of money, yours or someone else’s. Most of us aren’t stockbrokers or high-rolling investors, though, and even few of us are billionaire heiresses or relatives of incredibly rich old barons. So for us “regular “folks, it comes down to one thing. Well, it’s actually six words: “find a need and fill it.”

One of the first things that you need to do is get the mindset. Get it into your head that you are just as smart as the next person. If you are a football fan or didn’t live in a cave during this year’s Super Bowl, you’ll remember that winning quarterback Russell Wilson inspired his team be telling them, “Why not us?” Well, “Why not you?”

You can start with a book actually called “Think And Grow Rich” that will help put your brain in the right gear. This course course is designed to give you a heads up on the book from a marketing expert who breaks down the author’s concept. The course actually includes a PDF copy of the book, so you can learn about it as you read it.

Some of you may have already gone that route and you’re still not a millionaire. There are other options, of course. Other than marrying the daughter or son of a billionaire tycoon, you can try this century-old concept that is based on giving value using something called the 13×4. The course is touted as life changing, and for those who want to get out of a rut and experience the true riches and wealth of this world, this is a must.

Find a Need And Fill It

If you’re the kind of person who believes in investing in yourself, then this may be your best to think and get rich, and that is by following those six words. It’s the millionaire-creator of the new millennium.

Those words, that formula if you will, go back in time to 1953 through book by a cat named Marvin Small. “How To Attain Financial Security And Self-Confidence.” He hit the nail on the head then it remains to true today. Needs are everywhere. Look right, look left, look up, look down and all around the town. There are out there, and they are waiting for you to latch on and turn them into cold hard cash and days of living the millionaire lifestyle. A new business idea can come out of your current job, where you dine, your own garage or anywhere there are people who need, well, things to make their lives easier, less complicated and more fun.

Once you figure out what you want to create and sell, you’ll need a tune-up on how to sell, and not just the product. You also need to be able to sell the concept to investors. The art of selling anything to anybody is just that, an art form that is learned as much as it is utilizing tools you already possess, one being the desire to get rich.

Understand this: there are people out there who can teach you what you need to know, who know how to take what talents you have, and turn it all into a package that enables you to take yourself and/or your business to the next level. You have to be willing to work at being a people person and understand how to hang out with the right people to take your business to the next level. This is an investment of time, time well spent that will enable you to think and grow rich.

The thinking part is especially important. It’s about putting your brain in a position to be open to possibilities. Consider the guy that came up with Q-tip. Leo Gerstenzang created this million-dollar idea after watching his wife bathe their baby girl. He saw her try to use cotton on a toothpick to clean delicate areas such as her ears, and all of a sudden Gerstenzang invented the Q-tip. It came out of a simple need.

Here’s another one. Jenny Telfer watched her son try to use his favorite stuffed animal as a pillow. She created a stuffed animal that a kid can open up at night and turn into a pillow. Then her and her husband started making them and selling them at flea markets, then at the mall during the holidays, and 10 years later, Pillow Pets is a $300 million a year business.

Have you seen dogs wearing sunglasses? They’re called Doggles and they were created by Roni Di Lullo for her dog so he could see better in the sun while playing Frisbee. Today, it’s a $3 million a year business and growing. She’s even taken the concept further and expanded into doggie backpacks and flotation devices for her furry friends’ adventures in the pool or ocean.

You just have to use your head, like Todd Greene did. Since he was losing his hair, he decided to start shaving his head. But contemporary razors and shavers weren’t really cut out to handle the large curves of a man’s head. He found a partner to help him design a shaving device that would fit in a man’s hand and enable him to easily navigate shaving his own head without cutting himself. It’s called the HeadBlade and in about 10 years times, it’s racked up more than $10 million in revenue.

Just take a hard look around your everyday life and what you use to function. Brand new technologies and innovations are coming out on a daily basis. And here’s the kicker –these new inventions need other gadgets to make them work easier. An example is a thing called “cordies.” About a million have already been sold in about a year. Guess what they do? It’s a simple little rubber set-up that separates your computer wires from each other, while keeping them all together in one spot. They go for around $30… you can do the math!

People love gadgets. And they love silly trends and toys, too. Who would ever have thought that pet rocks would turn into a $15 million business? Do you have a slinky? A $250 million idea. How about those beanie babies? How about they became a billion-dollar business?

All this takes motivation. You have to be willing to work and think things out. Your mind has to be working at full capacity, you need to consider the business angle and your heart must be in it as well. No doubt it would be helpful to look into this course on getting things done.

A multi-million dollar situation is probably sitting right in front of you. But of course you have to think and grow rich.